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Dream Home Book Cover Dream Home
Dream Series
JJ DiBenedetto
Paranormal Romance/Suspense
Writing Dreams
May 21, 2014

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

When we left off in book six, Sara’s father-in-law had a heart to heart talk with her about her short comings in running a medical practice. Sara is a great doctor, but the business aspects of the practice are not her strong suite. Sara finally realizes that she is not able to continue the practice she shares with her friend, and Brian is very unhappy with his job at the Pentagon. With help from Brian’s dad, they have jobs waiting for them in Aisling, New York, and they were able to find a larger house. Not only did they find a house, but also Sara’s parents are going to live in the apartment attached to the house. They will finally be able to live mortgage free.

As the saying goes, everything sounds great on paper, but the reality is that they have five children who are not very happy about leaving their friends and their school. Grace, who is thirteen, and Lizzy, almost eleven, are having the toughest time of it. Of course, the twins do not want to go against their siblings and they make themselves heard. Before even taking the job, Sara begins having dreams, ones that indicate that someone is not happy about her coming. She has an enemy already and is sure to face problems.

The job is at a small hospital, in fact very small. Sara is the Chief of Pediatrics, which sounds impressive except for the fact that she is the only pediatrician. Her biggest problem is with Dr. Bates, a man who has lived in the small town of Aisling his whole life. Although a wonderful doctor, Sara was given a position higher than his. She cannot really fault him for being angry, however, it was not something she asked for. In addition to her working at the hospital, she has also gotten her brother, Bob, a job there as their IT man. This didn’t help her position with Dr. Bates.

Sara has been through so much, arrested, nearly killed, and caring for five children while holding down a full time job. She is not going to run from her new home or her new job. With Brian’s love and support, she is ready to do whatever she has to make things work. The biggest problem she is having is the dreams, Dr. Bates’ dreams are about her and his dislike of her. And there are the dreams of Joshua Skinner, the eighty-year-old man who owns the store in town. He keeps trying to express his fear of the weather that is coming and that lives will be lost, of course no one is paying attention. He lost his wife during a storm, so Sara believes his dreams are about his wife and his loneliness. Is there something more important? She knows her dreams usually mean she is to help someone. Is she misreading Joshua’s dreams? Will Sara finally figure out what Joshua’s dreams mean?

Sara and Brian have also volunteered for the Cadet Sponsorship Program at West Point, and they have taken on Will Harper an eighteen-year-old cadet. Will has had a very strong influence on Grace, who has a very serious crush on him, typical teenage behavior. Sara, the ever-smart mom, knows it is something Grace has to go through on her own, just like every other teenager goes through at one time or another in their life.

I have read every book in the Dream series, and Mr. DiBenedetto knows I give very honest reviews. Not every book got a high rating, so when I say that this book is my favorite, it is as honest as I can be. I have read many series. Usually I get to the point where I think the series has run out of steam and should stop. They become predictable and boring. However, that is not the case with the Dream Series. I find it incredible Mr. DiBenedetto can actually improve on the series with each book. This series is getting better and better and has to be read in order. I have watched Brian and Sara since they met in college, got married, started careers, and had children. I have watched the family grow and loved it. The kids are amazing ,and Brian is the husband women dream about. I look forward to what comes next in their lives.

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