Review: Dreamed It – Maggie Toussaint

Dreamed It Book Cover Dreamed It
A Dreamwalker Mystery Book 6
Maggie Toussaint
Paranormal Mystery
Epicenter Press
August 9, 2019

When a Jane Doe is found in a suitcase, amateur sleuth Baxley Powell tries to identify the woman and her killer. A local woman vanishes, and Baxley fears the kidnapped woman will end up in a suitcase. Using normal and paranormal senses, Baxley matches wits with a cunning adversary.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Baxley Powell is now a consultant for the sheriff’s office and her relationship with Sam Mayes, a Cherokee and also a dreamwalker has become closer than ever. So close that Mayes is ready to leave his current job and relocate to be closer to Baxley and her ten year old daughter Larissa. Unfortunately Baxley’s latest dreamwalk involved both her and Mayes and when they returned they were in a strange place with no real memory of what occurred while they were gone. Somehow Baxley’s mentor Rose managed to place Baxley and Mayes in a tenuous situation where they are questioning what they were involved in and if it was illegal.

Hoping that all is well Mayes is preparing to return home when a suitcase with a dead body in it is discovered. Mayes realizes that this has happened before and that they are dealing with a serial killer and since Mayes has some knowledge of this case he stays to assist. Baxley is happy to have Mayes stay but unfortunately Sheriff Wayne does not share her feelings. Wayne is both jealous of Mayes relationship with Baxley and fears that he may also be after his job, but feelings have to be put aside in order to catch the killer before he strikes again.

When a young girl named Kitty disappears the fear is that the killer has her and she will be the next victim to show up dead in a suitcase but her disappearance takes precedence over the other cases because she could still be alive and finding her is the first order of business. Using their gift for dreamwalking Baxley and Mayes try to get information as to where Kitty may be and who has her before it is too late.

Baxley and Mayes finally discover where they were when they dreamwalked and what they were responsible for and it involved a Mayor in Tampa but I don’t want to say more than that. The romance between Baxley and Mayes is beautiful and brings some surprises. The killer never, and I mean never entered my mind and I doubt it would enter yours and that discovery was quite a revelation.

Loved this book which held my interest from beginning to end. The characters are all amazing even though at times I found myself disliking Sheriff Wayne. I can’t wait for more but unfortunately I will have to.


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