Review: World Turned Upside Down – Elyse Springer

World Turned Upside Down Book Cover World Turned Upside Down
World of Love
Elyse Springer
MM Contemporary Romance
Dreamspinner Press
August 9, 2019

After three winters in Antarctica, Simon Bancroft is an old hand on the ice. The harsh weather and extreme isolation aren’t for everyone, but he enjoys the tight-knit community at McMurdo Station… and lately he’s enjoyed watching the hot new researcher, Asher Delaney, who’s recently arrived to study the aurora. But Simon’s just a janitor. Asher doesn’t even know he exists.

When Simon’s friends propose a wager, he gets a chance to introduce himself to Asher at last. But Asher defies all of Simon’s assumptions, and suddenly he finds himself reevaluating everything he thought he knew about Asher, himself, and falling in love at the bottom of the world.

World of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the globe.

Review by Ilse Marijke

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This romantic story takes place in Antarctica during the winter period and tells us of the blooming love between Simon, a custodian, and Archer, a scientist. Simon is a young male in his twenties, who’s experiencing his third winter in the Ice (Antarctica), working and longing to have sex. He does not do relationships, because of the hardship he went through in his youth. He had some sexual encounters, but hit a dry spell and yearns for a good romp. Otherwise his life is moving along fine, together with his friends at the South Pole Station.

Then Archer enters the story and Simon’s senses go on high alert, since he’s attracted to the handsome male, visualizing him as the perfect candidate to have a good time with. His busybody friends push him to approach Archer to get it on. They even wager a bet to get him laid by Archer.

Archer, an easy-going, shy man, having just broken up with his boyfriend, is not interested in a sex-only, no-commitment, relationship, rejects the offer, but makes his interest known in a get to know you through dating relationship. And Simon goes for it, and falls for for the sweet, shy and handsome giant. Archer also falls for Simon and asks him to go steady, to which Simon asks for some time to think it over, since he never had a serious relationship before. Of course a little drama ensues before Simon can give his answer, when Archer overhears Simon talking to his friends when they’ve figured out that he had sex with Archer and mention the bet.

Archer, upset thinking that Simon misled him, decides to leave the Ice and return home.

A simple storyline, to be read by adults.

If you are looking for a short gay love story with a happy ending to make you swoon, then this is the book for you.

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