Review: When Heroes Fall – Andrew Q. Gordon

When Heroes Fall Book Cover When Heroes Fall
Champion of the Gods Book 5
Andrew Q. Gordon
LGBT Fantasy
DSP Publications
May 14, 2019

It took the Seven to create the world, each to rule Their own, until Neldin sought to rule it all.

The Six defeated Neldin three millennia ago, but time has no meaning to a god. Before the dust settled from the first conflict, both sides set in motion plans for the next one. As Champion of the Six, Farrell, with Kel’s help, gathers those loyal to the Six to meet Meglar and his army.

But Neldin plotted as well, and like the Six, His plans all lead to the final confrontation between Champions.

Kel teaches Farrell that weapons and power will not be enough—victory requires something from within each Champion. But Neldin also knows this and unleashes a final surprise at a critical moment that claims some of those Farrell loves most.

With the fate of Nendor riding on his actions, Farrell must ignore the pain and find the will to win. If not, his world and everyone he loves will fall to Meglar’s darkness.

Review By Kel Johnson

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I thought at first this would be a hard book to review as I hadn’t read the first four books in the series but the author was kind enough to include a summary of the last four books at the beginning for people that might need a refresher of what had happened so far. I’m grateful for that and it increased my enjoy ability of this book. Enough so that I wouldn’t mind getting the first four books and reading them, just to see what I missed.

This book is very long but extremely enjoyable. At first, I seemed a bit lost, there are a lot of characters that I had no context for, but it didn’t take long before I found that I could tell the characters apart. Each one seemed strong, none felt like an after-thought and it enriched the story.

Farrell has a very hard job in front of him, saving the world from evil and it’s now coming to a head. He must fight Meglar and Neldin and he knows that there’s a good chance he won’t survive. You really feel bad for him, knowing that he really doesn’t have a choice in any of this and that he’s going to have to maybe sacrifice everything, everyone he loves, and he’s willing to do that to try and keep them safe. I didn’t envy him at all and even though he’s already lost a lot, he loses even more in this last fight. My heart broke for him, watching him trying to come to terms with what might happen and trying to do the right thing while wanting to be selfish and stay with the people he loves. He does do the right thing and even though it nearly destroys him, hopefully he does find happiness in the end.

There’s a lot of action in this, which is great, but there are also some slow parts that, while necessary, seem to drag the story down a bit. But the author has a way with words that even when the story slows down a little too much, you’re still invested in what happens and you keep reading. Then the action picks up again and you’re on a roller coaster of a ride to see how everyone is going to survive. You really feel for the characters, even the minor ones, and you want everyone to survive the final battle, even though you know that’s unrealistic. It didn’t stop me from enjoying the story.

I really liked this book and as I said above, I wouldn’t mind reading the first four and then reading this one again, making the story that much better. If you’ve read the series so far, you’ll be satisfied with how it ends, even if you will be sad. If you haven’t read this Series, well, you really should. It’s fun, heartbreaking and will have you caring for the characters.

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