Eternal Hunger Book Cover Eternal Hunger
The Enchanted Bloodline Series, Book 3
Denise Rago
Paranormal, Romance. Mature
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September 12, 2018

And the romance continues with Book Three in The Enchanted Bloodline Series....

Nothing will stop Amanda Perretti from protecting her son. She hides away with him, protected by her lover, the vampire Michel Baptiste, as they both await the return of vampire Christian Du Mauré, once Amanda’s lover and Michel’s best friend, now a fugitive somewhere in Europe.

Convinced Christian is being held prisoner and in desperate need of her help, Amanda works to hatch a scheme that will get her and Michel to France to find Christian, and still keep her beloved son safe. But they are not the only ones who seek Christian. There are some among the vampire order who believe that his rightful place is as the king of the vampires, with a strong queen beside him, and who will use any means necessary to entrap him into a heritage he has fought against for centuries.

Though Michel and Christian both carry secrets that could destroy both their friendship and their relationship with Amanda, they are only the first of many who harbor knowledge that could either see the vampire order rise to power once more in the mortal world, or destroy it completely …

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Reviewed by Denise Van Plew

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

It had been awhile since I had read a paranormal with a story that could capture my attention as this one. Not just filled with romance and characters it also has depth. Every so often you get an author’s great touch or spin on the vampires they create. This author is one that has given some good background to her characters and reflections that jump out.

Eternal Hunger story revolves manly around a group that also in its inner core were 3. You are given insights to their thoughts and feelings. You basically wrapped up in them before you are even halfway through.

The transportation into this world will be complete with at times a bit of racing blood too. My only drawback was the ending. I did not personally care with how it ended as it was too incomplete for me.

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