Review: Fever Dream – JJ DiBenedetto

Fever Dream Book Cover Fever Dream
Dream Series
JJ DiBenedetto
Paranormal Romance/Suspense
Writing Dreams
May 22, 2015

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team


Once again we follow the lives of Sara and Brian Alderson and their five children. It has been two years since Grace disappeared in Paris and was raped. Although things seem to be going well, there is no doubt the Alderson’s will once again face trouble. In spite of trying to maintain a normal life, Sara’s dreams make that nearly impossible.

The first tragedy to hit Sara is the death of an eight year old boy she was unable to save. No matter what she tried to do, nothing worked and there was no clear evidence of what was wrong with him. Only after his mother also appears in the hospital with the same symptoms does Sara realize that things are not what they seem. She is saved by her primary doctor who prescribes certain medications. Unfortunately, the doctor was on vacation when Michael became ill. What does she know? Could she have saved the boy?

When Sara took over as Chief of Staff, she also inherited the $200,000 donation each year from Consolidated Chemical Corporation of America, something she very much wants to stop. She is determined to raise money on their own and begins with a Casino Night. At this function, she meets Attorney General Spinner and Tom Santos, the representative for the Chemical Company. She dislikes both men, and it is very clear they think very little of her. Then the dreams begin. The Attorney General is a pervert whose sick dreams Sara can see. His idea of sex is a $3,000 an hour prostitute whom he strangles until she is almost unconscious.

She also is able to enter the dreams of Tom Santos. His dreams lead Sara to the realization that something about Michael’s death and the sudden sickness of his mother are not unknown and are a result of something caused by the Chemical Company. Sara is determined to find the cause of Michael’s death and what the Attorney General and Tom Santos have to do with it. She realizes she is in for a fight because both men are powerful, especially the Attorney General who has the police at his command.

Sara is once again a target for men who want to see her in jail. Her last visit to prison nine years ago nearly broke her spirit. The idea of it happening again is frightening. She needs to get proof of what is going on, and why she is a threat. The Attorney General is aiming to become Governor; that is something Sara and Brian find unacceptable. Everything Sara holds near and dear is in jeopardy, especially her family.

I have read every book in this series from the time Sara and Brian first met in college to the arrival of their children. Each book, of course, features Sara’s dreams and what they lead her to. This is a series that must be read in order. As far as I am concerned, they get better and better. I love watching as Sara and Brian cope with one situation after another while working and raising their children. The one constant in this series is the love that exists between Brian, Sara, and each of their children. If not for the dreams and the problems they sometimes create, they have the perfect family. I can’t wait for the next book.

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