Review: Whispers, Rumors, & Lies – C.J. Baty

Whispers, Rumors, & Lies Book Cover Whispers, Rumors, & Lies
C.J. Baty
M/M Romance
April 15, 2016

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Lucky Valentino is a man who has never believed in love as far as he is concerned love is just a rumor and a lie. He owns a club called Lucky’s Place and his brother Adam advised him that a new club called Wings would be opening about four blocks away. When Lucky walked down to where the new club was going to be he saw what he thought was an angel at one of the windows and he suddenly felt something he never felt before.

Angelo Martin is the owner of Wings and has strict rules that there will be no sex in his establishment. The lose of his ex-lover and partner in business was the reason. It was also the reason he relocated from Chicago. Now with his friend and business partner Ian he is ready to open his new club with his new rules.

The day that Angel and Lucky meet was a day that would change them both. They have an immediate attraction but will that make them change their minds about love? Lucky was one who embraced one-night stands and short hook-ups, Angel was a man who kept to himself so is it possible for them to find the one thing they both don’t believe in, love?

A sweet romance with sex and humor.

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