Review: Motel. Pool. – Kim Fielding

Motel. Pool. Book Cover Motel. Pool.
Kim Fielding
M/M Paranormal Romance
Dreamspinner Press
May 11, 2014

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Jack Dayton was one of hundreds of good looking young men who thought he could make it big in Hollywood. However, he learned the hard way that all he would find was heartache. Sam Richards was a big name movie director. Jack was sure Sam would get him starring roles, but being Sam’s sex toy only got him bit parts and a reality check. Sam finally told him he had a friend in porn who could get him work and that was when Jack left to return home to Nebraska.

Unfortunately, Jack’s trip home ended with his car breaking down and a police officer taking him to a motel with a huge sign that said MOTEL.POOL. Jack met his death when he fell in the pool and drowned. Was his death an accident? He was visited by Sam’s wife, Doris, who kept giving him pills and alcohol. Did she push him in or did Jack take his own life? It doesn’t matter, because in the end Jack was very dead.

Sixty years later, Tag Manning is on his way to the Grand Canyon when he is stopped by a police officer who sees him weaving around on the road. Taking the officer’s advice, Tag goes to a place with a huge sign reading MOTEL.POOL. Only there is no motel or pool only an empty parking lot. Tag had no idea that this parking lot was not empty. There was a ghost hanging around, a ghost named Jack Dayton.

Jack saw his opportunity to finally get away from where he was and hitched a ride with Tag. When Tag saw his passenger flitting in and out, he was certain that he had finally lost his mind. After a while, though, he began to enjoy having Jack along for company. In his solid form, Jack can be seen by others and Jack is seeing a world he could never have imagined being isolated at the old motel.

Tag is a man lost and alone and trying to find himself. After two years with his boyfriend, Jason, Jason finally proposed. Tag’s reaction was to leave. Tag is convinced he destroys everything and when he sees Jason with his new boyfriend, he finally has a meltdown. Tag leaves his good paying job without so much as a goodbye, packs and gets in his car and heads out. It is Jack who, for some reason, makes him feel good, only Jack will eventually disappear for good.

Yes, there is sex between Jack and Tag but in a paranormal world anything is possible. Jack and Tag finally find love, but it is very short lived, or is it? There are some very amusing parts in the book especially when Jack begins to learn about all the new wonders he missed out on in the past sixty years. There is sadness because Tag has finally found what he has always been missing, only there doesn’t seem to be any future in it. To find out what happens to these two men you will have to read the book!

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