Review: Heart of a Hunter – Tamela Miles

Heart of a Hunter Book Cover Heart of a Hunter
Hell on Heels Series
Tamela Miles
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
April 6, 2016

Life has never been kind to teen, Elle Connor. With a troubled home life, the gritty, violent streets of Los Angeles have become her home. She never questions her superhuman abilities until she encounters, in a fight or die situation, a guardian angel Tagas, who reveals her holy origins as one in a long history of demon hunters. She also has her eye on her attractive classmate, Brandon.

Problems arise when Elle finally realizes that life as a hunter is fraught with tragedies and is deeply lonely. Elle is presented with a choice - follow her calling from God as a hunter or live a "normal" life with love. Can Elle tip the scales in favor of what's good or will she become just another casualty in the eternal war between good and evil?

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Seventeen year old Elle Connor has not had a happy life. Her parents are both alcoholics who show very little concern for her, but her life is about to change drastically.

When she is attacked by a demon named Pyro and is saved by an angel named Tagas, she learns what life has in store for her. Well, more like what Heaven has in store for her. Tagas is her Guardian Angel and watched over her from the moment she was born because that moment was when demons were determined to kill her before she could fulfil the important purpose Heaven has for her, that of being a demon hunter.

Tagas explains that having a normal life with normal relationships is not something she can expect to have, but she wants a life with her boyfriend Brandon. Now her time is filled with school and training and being with Brandon. Once again, everything will change, but it is something you will have to read for yourself.

Although this was a short story, it covered a lot of ground. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Elle next.

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