Review: Heart of Time – Regan Black

Heart of Time Book Cover Heart of Time
Knight Traveler - Prequel
Regan Black
Getaway Reads, LLC
December 1, 2015

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

Regan Black came back to her roots with a Bang!!! I have been following this author for many years. Her original beginnings were in paranormal romance with a series called The Matchmaker. Her writing was fluid and magic, next sending her to paranormal UF in a fabulous series called Shadows of Justice.We then had Regan and Debra Webb collaborating in Special Forces romance books that so many readers are flocking to…with The Heroes Next Door .

Recently, Ms Black contacted me to review her newest, and told me it was a paranormal…my mouth watered and my heart leapt in anticipation. Yesss…I have been waiting a long time for this.

This prequel begins with King Arthur… He calls a meeting to save Camelot from black magic and destruction. He meets with Gawain, Kay and Bors his three most trusted knights. He enlists their help to take an oath to take on a life’s work and keep Morgana from destroying the world.

We are to follow and travel with Gawain and his familiar; his greyhound dog. Gawain is led to The Lady of the Lake, to take on Morgana and bind her with strong magic. In case things do not go as well as Gawain wishes, he meets with his young squire Peter, giving the young man specific orders on what is to be done with his and his dog’s body. Gawain requires the squire to make a pledge he will swear to have any offspring; so that our knight could use the young squire’s blood to bind the magic spell.

Our last chapter has Gawain awakening in an underground tomb, not understanding what has happened. Hungry and stiff he could not contemplate what occurred, thinking that it had not gone well with Morgana. If his life as sacrifice worked he should not be awake at all. He felt he was looking thru a mirror and saw these enormous buildings with people scurrying all around. As he stepped closer, he was through it and the noise and smells were surrounding him.

Ms Black you had me at I wrote a paranormal…On to Book 1, Timeless Vision.

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