Review: Timeless Vision – Regan Black

Timeless Vision Book Cover Timeless Vision
Knight Traveler Book 1
Regan Black
Getaway Reads, LLC
December 15, 2015

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Sr Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

After reading Heart of Time this series prequel, I was certainly ready for this to begin. From the moment when Sir Gawain walked thru to the 21st Century I was hooked. Our author has never disappointed me. She can spin a story with what ever pace that is needed, raising your blood pressure, turning the tables and with her paranormal eye surprise you at any moment.

So we have Gawain in ‘our time’ standing like a golden Hercules in the middle of Times Square. He is seeing at a young man looking much like his squire Peter but not. We meet Nick ….Peter’s descendant???? What about no offspring?

We are thrown into a wonderful follow the leads as we figure out why Sir Gawain or Wayne (now for modern times) is doing up after 1500 hundred years. He was just in a quiet slumber back in the woods of Camelot right?

So we have a mystery to solve, a love story to watch grow and death and destruction and magick from NYC to Brooklyn and back. As always Regan Black’s words and description are wonderful, her story follows a place that dreams were made of and the thought that there could be more in this series is an uplifting thought.

While the Prequel is Free….Please try it…You’ll like it.

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