REVIEW : Marvels of The Underworld – Otherworld Trilogy Book #2 – Hermione Lee

Marvels of the Underworld Book Cover Marvels of the Underworld
(Otherworld Trilogy Book #2
Hermione Lee
YA Fantasy
World Castle Publishing
March 7, 2022

Alexandria Richardson, princess of the Otherworld, has led a much happier life ever since first meeting her parents; that is until her Otherworldian cousin sends for her and her three friends. The Otherworld is in imminent danger, and yet almost everyone is blind to the possibility of their likely demise. Only when a horrible tragedy strikes are they all forced to come to terms with the inevitable truth.

A determined Alexandria decides to put an end to all this. Together, she and her friends embark on an adventure to the Underworld and navigate it to steel themselves against the future battles. Impeded by the peculiar terrains and unprecedented challenges, they discover, however, that the real monsters dwell not in the sinister Underworld but rather in the hearts of their fellow Otherworldians. Hiding among them is an unnamed traitor. Will they discover the identity of the fraternizer before another misfortune befalls upon their beloved realm? Or will the dark side prevail again?

Review By Aethena Drake

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

When the Otherworld is attacked, Alexandria and her companions embark on a mission to uncover the secrets of the Underworld. The colorful imagery and vibrant settings from the first volume of the Otherworld series are expanded upon in this second book to include a bewitched forest, a haunted manor, and a mountain peak that hides an unknown danger in the Underworld.

The beautifully illustrated settings are explored from the viewpoints of several of the characters. Alexandria’s brashness, Helen’s stoicism, and Eric’s determination are all incorporated into the narrative to give the reader a story told from a variety of perspectives. For most of the book, keeping track of whose viewpoint dictates the narrative is possible based on the title at the beginning of the chapter, but adding a variation in the rhythm of each character’s narrative might enhance the experience just a little bit more.

The main plot of the story focuses on the mission to uncover the secrets of the Underworld that will help the citizens of Otherworld survive an invasion. While Alexandria’s team are performing their mission, a few important secrets are revealed, and exciting discoveries are made.

As with most middle books of a trilogy, the mission is completed, but the story ends with just enough unanswered questions to keep the reader anticipating the next volume. If you enjoyed the first book in the Otherworld Trilogy, Marvels of the Underworld will be another endearingly sweet must read filled with adventure and a dash of intrigue.


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