REVIEW : Meadow – Timeless Mysteries-Three Sisters Island Mysteries Book #3- Casi McLean

Meadow - Timeless Mysteries Book Cover Meadow - Timeless Mysteries
Three Sisters Island Mysteries Book #3
Casi McLean
Cozy Mysteries, Teen & Young Adult, Time Travel, Science Fiction
Casi McLean Inc
Dec 6, 2022

A mysterious time slip to Niagara Falls thrusts Meadow Holloway and her sisters down a curious rabbit hole of mystery, miracles, and murder.

From USA Today and Amazon Best Selling Author, Casi McLean, comes another heart-pounding time-travel mystery to keep you gripping the edge of your seat.

A routine slide to Three Sisters Island spins Meadow to Niagara Falls where she encounters two men planning to murder a historical icon. To thwart the killers, she opens pandora's box and initiates a stream of time slides swirling the Holloway sisters through history in pursuit of a mysterious time-traveler.

Meadow must identify the ominous stalker and discover and why he--or she--wants to erase from history such an iconic historical visionary. But the clock is ticking. If they fail to unravel the mystery in time, time-travel will cease to exist, leaving the trio stranded in the past forever.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Meadow, Summer and Raine Holloway are taking us on another trip in time and Meadow is the one that will star in this story since it involves science and technology, which is right up her alley. The discovery of the timeslip chronometer has sent the sisters on one adventure after another and now the chronometer has warned of another anomaly that needs attention. Meadow goes to the cave first followed by her sisters only when her sisters arrive Meadow is already gone.

The sisters’ lives have become very adventurous since they have become time detectives, this time Meadow will find herself in Niagara Falls, NY in 1896 where she will find herself responsible for saving Nikola Tesla’s introduction of an alternate current transmission from being sabotaged. Fortunately, this will be a short trip because Meadow overhears the saboteur’s talking and she was able to convince them to stop their plans when she reveals the existence of time-travel and how their lives would be endangered if they revealed what happened.

When Meadow returned to the present, she was happy to discover that all is well in the world, and everything had worked out. It very quickly becomes apparent that there is still trouble involving Tesla and this time she gets to meet the man whose life she studied and who was responsible for so many inventions, a genius who history does not credit. Tesla accepts that the sisters have travelled in time and knows the importance of keeping secret anything that could be a potential danger to the future.

Secrets, surprises, a visit to the past and learning about things that I did not know before. Time-travel is a risk since the simplest change in the timeline could have drastic repercussions and change history.

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