Meows and Mistletoe: A Holiday Anthology Book Cover Meows and Mistletoe: A Holiday Anthology
Cat's Paw Cove
Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Sharon Buchbinder, Candace Colt, Darcy Devlon, Mia Ellas, Kristal Hollis, Kerry Evelyn, Debra Jess, Foreword: Wynter Daniels & Catherine Kean
Anthology, Paranormal, Holiday, Psychic, Romance, Ghosts
CPC Publishing
November 1, 2019

Eight holiday tales in the magical town of Cat’s Paw Cove
A gifted medium, Theo Blessing renounced her magic, tired of being hounded by the greedy dead. Former Army Ranger Ethan Cooper promised to repay a debt to a man whose wise counsel brought him out of war's dark shadow. Ethan appears on Theo's doorstep with a puzzling letter. If what it says is true, the reluctant medium and skeptical Ranger must travel back to 1720 to save a young boy from the gallows.
Lanie and Matt Saunders return to Cat's Paw Cove two years after their first disastrous Christmas there. When a mysterious kitten leads Matt back in time, can he right the wrongs of the past and give his expectant wife the perfect Christmas?
With the help of hunky real estate agent, Dylan Graham, life coach Charly Redbird and her new kitten have found the perfect home next to a cemetery. Charly gets a new client right away, who happens to be her neighbor—and a ghost. What could possibly go wrong?
When an empath who’s failed at every relationship impulsively kisses an enchanted garden gnome, he magically turns into a real man. Together they must find his one true love and end the curse by Christmas or he’ll be forever alone and trapped within his stone prison.
RING MA BELL by Debra Jess
In 1979, Michael Bell fell in love with high seas radio technician Dvorah Levi's voice as she guided him to safety, but their marriage was cut short by a bullet. Forty years later, Dvorah still mourns him. Can a special holiday and a magical Sherwood cat bring him back?
Faerie Sormey Johnson moved to Cat's Paw Cove to live a quiet life as a human until a sexy werewolf deputy needs her help tracking down a murderous monster. When Sormey offers herself as bait, the cost may be more than she bargained for.
The fate of star-crossed lovers falls into the magical paws of a time-traveling kitten determined to right an ancient wrong and claim the greatest Christmas gift of all - love.
NEW YEAR’S KISS by Darcy Devlon
In order to overcome a family curse, Griffin Brooks, the town's hotshot assistant fire chief, must earn his true love's trust. Trina Lancaster knows she can release Griffin's curse, but will her magical family baggage be a deal breaker?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is a holiday anthology that takes place in Cat’s Paw Cove, Florida, a magical seaside town where cats are not just any cats and where inhabitants are not just mere humans. Eight authors have written stories of time travel, paranormal mystery romance and something for everybody. Since this a very long anthology I have chosen to review a few of my favorites. I love anthologies because I get the chance to read stories by authors I have never read before and I get to add to my list of authors I love.

Charlotte Redbird, Ghost Coach: Sharon Buchbinder: 5*****Stars

Charlotte (Charly) Redbird changed her life when she went to a racetrack and met a man named Billy. Billy kept giving her winning horses and she managed to build up a nice nest egg for herself. With her winnings she became a Life Coach with a specialty in anger management. She was sent troubled kids ordered by the courts and it was one such case that ruined everything she had worked for. When she was asked to give a Life Coach Certificate to a girl who used another to take her place she refused something she should never have done to a woman with more money than she knew what to do with. The woman kept her promise and blackballed Charly leaving her only one choice and that was to go to see her grandmother at Feline Fine Retirement Home in Cat’s Paw Cove. When she got there, there were more cats then people and the cats and the people were magical. When she was introduced to Dylan Graham a real estate agent once again things in her life would change, although he doesn’t have any real magical abilities he has the ability to spot supernaturals and as an empath to feel what other’s feel. When he showed her a beautiful little cottage near a train depot and across from a cemetery he was sure she would turn it down but nothing about the cottage and where it was located turned her off and that goes for Dylan as well.

Charly has a lot to learn about her life, her parents, her grandmother and the town she has fallen in love with. She also has to come to terms with the fact that she has gifts she never knew about.This was a very sweet story about starting over and never giving up by one of my favorite authors.

Purrfectly Christmas: Mia Ellas: 4****Stars

This was another short story that I enjoyed, a story about Sormey Johnson a fae in hiding from her Uncle Oberon the king of all fae. She hid in Cat’s Paw Cove shifting into an old woman to keep her from being discovered or she would wind up once again a slave to Oberon. Her best friend Maryanne has no idea of who Sormey really is, to her she is just an elderly woman like herself. Everything changes when her brother finds her and Maryanne’s grandson, Max shows up. As police officers they are searching for a demon who killed Max’s sister and the only hope of catching him is to use Sormey as bait. Fortunately for her a cat had attached itself to her, a cat she called Zorro and who didn’t hesitate to tell her what he thought. There is danger, wolf shifters and romance.

Ring Ma Bell: Debra Jess: 5*****Stars

This was a very sweet story and I related to it because it was Chanukah with talk of matzo balls and latkes a story of a love that ended too soon. Michael Bell was kidnapped by drug dealers taken aboard a ship and was sure he was going to die but his Sherwood Cat saved him leaving him to try to figure out how to operate a ship and get to land safely. It was a radio operator, Dvorah Bell that talked him through everything, a voice he fell in love with and it was during that talk he asked her to marry him. A week after they were married he was shot and for forty years Dvorah mourned his passing and just existed. The only companionship was that of a Sherwood cat. Goliath is her newest cat but she never knew that after each of her cats died they were reincarnated to always be with her and watch over her since Michael was gone. Goliath finally decided to go back in time and stop Michael’s murder and bring him and Dvorah back together. Whether Goliath was successful is up to you to find out.

Gnome for the Holidays: Kristal Hollis: 4****Stars

Instead of the princess kissing a frog this is a story about an empath who kisses a gnome. Lily Pelling always went to Coquina Castle to visit the gnome that sat in the garden and always felt as if it were alive. She loved the gnome and when it became available for sale she couldn’t get it fast enough. When home she kissed the gnome that always made her happy only she never expected it to become a very handsome man. Nicholas Evans was cursed by a sorceress centuries ago but was always able to hear and see those that visited the castle garden and was overjoyed when he realized he was with the same girl who visited him. To totally break the curse he is required to place a seed sprout into the hand of his true love and he is sure it is Lily only Lily kills every plant and flower she goes near and is convinced she is not the one. Setting out to find his true love and save him becomes Lily’s obsession never even considering it could be her.

A book filled with holiday magic and there are four more stories for you to read so I recommend getting this book and digging in.


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