REVIEW: New Release- Song of Flames-Sisters of Song Book #1- M.D. Grimm

Song of Flames Book Cover Song of Flames
Sisters of Song Book #1
M.D. Grimm
Mythical Creatures, Dragons, Fantasy, Bi-Sexual Romance
Oct 10, 2023

She tried to steal treasure from the dragons’ hoardand stole their hearts instead.

To save her sister from a lascivious lord, Venya must steal a piece of treasure from a legendary dragon’s hoard. Dragons haven’t been seen in several generations, so imagine her surprise when she wakes not one, but two dragons from their hibernation. While the battle-honed Onyx is intent on having her for lunch, the graceful Gold appears more curious than angered by the theft.

Abyss and Ray have very different ideas about what to do with the thief when they catch her. Abyss wants to punish her while Ray is intrigued by her audacity. After Ray turns his mate’s anger to desire, the dragons set out on a rescue mission, intent on capturing the brazen thief and learning more about her. And to see if her Song matches theirs.

Neglected and discarded by her parents, Venya has never bonded with anyone except her sister. Now she has two mighty dragons wanting to woo her and take her as their mate. While she finds delight in their company, she must reassess her own self-worth before she can trust them enough to love them.

But the dragons have exposed themselves to the outside world, and many covet not only their hoard but Ray’s golden scales. And when Venya’s closely held secret is revealed, she becomes a prize worth killing for.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Vanya grew up unloved, called ugly and useless and after hearing it her entire life she began to believe it. When her sister Alaiya was born beautiful and the apple of her parents’ eye it was instant hatred, she had everything she lacked until her sister gave her the love she never had, and she became very important to her.

Then the unthinkable happened her parents sold her sister to Lord Salazem a brute who would either marry her sister or add her to his concubines. Vanya made an agreement with Salazem she would climb the steep mountain to find the dragons hoard and bring him back something special then her sister would be released. It was no problem for her because she had become a master thief. Climbing the steep mountain was scary enough but she had no idea what would happen if she did come upon the dragons.

The one gift that Vanya had was her song, a song that enchanted and that was what she used to put the two dragons to sleep, giving her time to escape. Her desperation to free her sister clouded her thinking, or she would have realized that any deal she made with Salazem would not be honored. Instead of freeing her sister she was imprisoned. Salazem wanted more, he wanted the dragons location which she refused to give him. She felt bad enough that she intruded on them and stole from them, and she was not willing to endanger them. In addition, her theft brought the dragons believed to be extinct to everyone’s attention.

Ray is a gold dragon, his mate Abyss is an Onyx dragon, Ray doesn’t want to find Vanya and eat her, but Abyss certainly wants to make a meal out of her. When they attack the mansion where the sisters are being held it gives Vanya the opportunity to get her sister and run but not before she took back what she stole. When the dragons catch up to them Vanya apologizes and returns to them what she took and that is when Ray realized he had feelings for her while Abyss still strutted around moaning and groaning refusing to admit he felt the way Ray did.

When Ray and Abyss begin to show attention to Vanya, she is convinced that her enchantment was still in force, unable to believe that they cared about her without being enchanted. Ray and Abyss both bend over backwards to make Vanya and her sister feel welcome, Alaiya welcomes their attention and tries to convince Vanya that they really care about her. For the first time in her life Vanya is being shown love and affection and she begins to imagine what it would be like being in a relationship with them. Then reality sinks in, they are dragons, she is human there is no chance of a relationship.

This book was filled with danger, romance, love, betrayal, surprises and revenge. The next book is Alaiya’s story and already think I know who her other half will be and can’t wait.

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