REVIEW : Novella – Dreamcatcher – The Reincarnation Series #8- Marilyn Barr

Dreamcatcher Book Cover Dreamcatcher
The Reincarnation Series, Book 8
Marilyn Barr
Native American, Paranormal, Vampire, Ghost
Independently Published
April 26, 2022
When tattoo artist, Gretchen O’Malley steps into the world of spiritual healing to banish the nightmare which haunts her, she crosses time and space to search for inner peace. When a spiritual journey with an eccentric Shamanic Practitioner reveals her nightmare is a piece of his past, she doesn’t trust her overwhelming attraction to him…

Shamanic Practitioner turned Vampire Makaha Juang longs to reclaim the woman who worked herself to death in the sugarcane fields of Oahu over one hundred and fifty years ago. He thanks the Gods when Kaihua enters his office—reincarnated as Gretchen. A prophetic nightmare, explosive soulmate connection, and the boundaries of his spirit contract test his morality and dedication to tenants to Shamanism.

Will he compromise his integrity in the name of love or will he free her from their karmic cord?

Trigger Warning...Mild violence, Spirituality.
The Reincarnation Series is a multiauthor series based on the vampire, reincarnation, and a second chance at love. Each has a happily ever after. Read them all, vampire romance lovers!

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Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This series consists of nine novellas featuring vampires and their reborn mates. Second chance at love novellas by award winning authors.

Makaha Juang is a vampire and a Shamanic practitioner. Over a hundred years ago he made a deal with a vampire so that he could live forever with the hope of reuniting with his lost love when she was reincarnated. At a Holistic Health and Metaphysical Fair, he met Gretchen O’Mallley a girl plagued with nightmares and desperate to find help so she can get a night’s sleep.

Gretchen is a tattoo artist and she goes to the Fair hoping that someone or something will give her a chance to sleep without the constant nightmares. When she meets Makaha she feels he may be the answer and has no idea that her nightmares are a result of something in his past and the love he lost.

Makaha will anger the gods when he goes against his calling and unfairly uses his talents to help Gretchen and knowingly gets her to become dependent on him. Will he finally be reunited with his lost love, a love he gave his life up for or will he lose her once again.


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