REVIEW: Of Nuts and Men – LE Franks

Of Nuts and Men Book Cover Of Nuts and Men
LE Franks
LGBT Paranormal Romance/shifters-short read
Independently Published
January 29, 2021

Jamie's desperate to shed his skin and let the squirrel inside run free, and a trip to the family cabin proves a perfect time to do so. But instead of revisiting his buried treasures, Jamie finds the man of his dreams.

Sawyer is ready to wrap up his season on the mountain. All he wants is a hot shower and his bed, but a frisky cougar has other plans for the naturalist. Chased up a tree Sawyer has no way to call for help and no company besides the inquisitive red squirrel on the tree limb next to him.

Jamie has a choice—expose his deepest secret and risk everything, or rescue the man of his dreams. With the sun setting, is time running out for Jamie’s best chance in finding love?

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

As the Review Chair for a Paranormal Review Guild, I am so happy Paranormal is coming back into style….And Shifters are a thing again…!!!


I had just finished a prequel for LE Franks new series Chew Toy, her new vampire series Fang Club coming out soon and lo and behold I found this little short story that fit the bill for a few hours!!

I never thought of a squirrel shifter, but in the paranormal universe everything goes I guess.


We meet shifter Jamie going up to the family cabin with his adopted brothers. Jamie was adopted into a big cat family and his brothers tear him unmercifully…


Sawyer is out on the mountain when he runs into a big cat who chases him, finally has him running up a very tall tree. Stuck there until the cat leaves, Sawyer realizes he cannot get down.


An adorable story of trust and possibly love on the mountain…..


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