REVIEW: Ogres and other Dating Dilemmas- Mytho Investigations Book 8- TJ Nichols

Ogres and other Dating Dilemmas Book Cover Ogres and other Dating Dilemmas
Mytho Investigations Book 8
TJ Nichols
LGBTQ Fantasy, Dragons, Mythical Creatures
Jan 25 2024
ean Lloyd has given up on finding love. It’s easier to concentrate on his work as a mytho biologist than figure out people. But that was easier to believe in his twenties. Now his friends are getting engaged and planning weddings, and he’s only planning his next hook-up. He wants more, even if he isn’t sure what that looks like.

When an ogre knocks him over and then sweeps him off his feet, he’s more than happy to go along for the ride. However, mythos aren’t classified as people, and Sean can see how hard it is for his friend Jordan to date a mytho even though his dragon-shifter boyfriend passes for human. Ogres don’t.

Troy Violet was thirteen when the collapse happened. He lost his family and was taken in by another, a much stricter household that cleaves to ways that were considered old even before the collapse. So much has changed in the ten years since, and there are so many more opportunities for an ogre not interested in finding a wife. However, he never planned on falling for a human man.

Some people aren’t happy with the way he is turning his back on ogre society, and they will do anything to drag him back, even if it means breaking a few human laws.

Ogres and Other Dating Dilemmas is a standalone novel that ties into the Mytho Investigations series. For readers who like size differences, awkward human heroes, cinnamon roll ogres, magic, mayhem, and happily ever afters.


It has been ten years since the mytho world collapsed into the human world and gave all the human haters something else to revolt against. It is not a surprise when there are protests and violence and a cry that mythos are not human but beasts.

This is the world that Troy, an ogre, grew up in and a world he has been trying to live in. Troy doesn’t want to remain in the ogre community, a community who still lives in the old traditional ways where marriages are chosen by Aster the leader of the community. Aster wants Troy to become her fourth husband and that is not what he wants, he is gay and has made it known that he will not be accepting a marriage with a female.

It is at a basketball game that Troy first set eyes on Sean Lloyd who was on the human team while Troy was on a mixed team, mythos and humans. Sean couldn’t get his eyes off Troy who was exactly what he wanted, huge everywhere and that is all I will say about that. In the shower room Troy tries to make his interest known but Sean just ran.

Sean is a man who lacks confidence when it comes to relationships, he runs before the breakup he is sure will follow happens and before he is heartbroken. He is a mytho biologist which has not endeared him to many mythos. His work revolves around plants, trees and insects but many feel he was responsible for experiments on living beings. Troy does not care about his job only him.

Then Troy made his feelings known Sean was happy to agree to a date and at the same time was afraid. The fear is a result of tensions between humans and mythos that often result in violence. Troy lives in the ogre region and humans are not always happily received, Sean lives in the human region and a mytho would stand out like a sore thumb. Neither Sean nor Troy feels comfortable in the other’s region but if they hope to have a relationship it is a necessary evil.

Aster still refuses to give up on getting Troy and doesn’t hesitate to get her other three husbands to use threats and violence. That violence also is against Sean and Troy is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to being with the human he has grown to love and fearing for his safety. The passing of the Mythological Persons Bill claiming mythos as human could finally bring the wall down that has separated the species.

Being seen as human and given the same rights would make being together so much simpler for Troy and Sean but would undoubtedly lead to more deadly violence.

Humans always seem to find a reason to hate, protest and bring about violence, we see it every day, you just open a newspaper or put on the tv. This is my first book in this series, and I loved it, Sean and Troy are wonderful characters who just want to be able to love who they want, and that too is nothing new in our society.

Violence, sex, love, surprises and secrets, this book has it all. I read some reviews that made mention of catching up with Jordan and Edra and although I did not read the start of their story, I enjoyed reading how it ended.

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