Review: Quill Me Now – Jordan Castillo Price

Quill Me Now Book Cover Quill Me Now
The ABCs of Spellcraft #1
Jordan Castillo Price
LGBT Paranormal Fantasy
February 1, 2019

What if the words you wrote came true?


Spellcraft isn’t exactly a respectable business, but it does pay the bills. At least, it should. Unfortunately, Dixon Penn failed his Spellcraft initiation. Instead of working in his family’s shop, he’s stuck delivering takeout orders in his uncle’s beat-up Buick.

Winning a Valentine’s Day contest at the largest greeting card company in the tri-state area would be just the thing to get his life back on track—but something at Precious Greetings just doesn’t add up. And despite numerous warnings to quit pestering them about his contest entry, he simply can’t stop himself from coming back again and again.

It doesn’t hurt that the head of security is such a hottie. If Dixon had any common sense, he’d be scared of the big, mysterious, tattooed Russian.

To be fair, no one ever accused him of being too smart….

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Sr. Reviewer and Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

It always amazes me how she can do this! It is a paranormal book, with scriveners and seers. Did you ever hear of this before? Well that is what I love about Miss Jordan….world building!! Takes her two seconds for you to join the world and understand the lingo! Remember Mnevermind?

This short sweet quirky Valentine is not the usual, but never let it be said that what this author writes is usual…That’s why we love her.

Strong characters’, great world building, and Yuri and Dixon!!

Jesi Lea Ryan, Clare London and Claire Bentham are in series in Bk 1,3,4

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