Review: Something Old – LJ Vickery

Something Old Book Cover Something Old
Immortals Book 13
LJ Vickery
Paranormal Romance
Weir River Press
June 19, 2019

Four hundred years ago Ishkur, god of fire, married a human female who inevitably ascended to the overworld. He’s long since come to grips with his loss, but taking an unwanted trip to Plimoth Plantation, facing a world so similar to the one where he’d been happy, will certainly rub salt in old wounds. When he steps foot in the village, however, it isn’t sadness that grabs him, it’s anxiety after meeting a god-talking, native woman. What the hell? Every one of his immortal-senses claws at his spine and urges him to flee. Too bad running isn’t an option for a god.
Koni knows danger, and it’s found her where she works. She’s not sure if it comes from her ex-boyfriend, or the powerful stranger who takes her by surprise one night after the plantation has closed. Only one thing is certain. Those two threats―compounded by the spirit walkers she’s discovered in the woods―make it way past time to pack up and get the hell out of town. She just needs to outmaneuver the lunatic who seems determined to claim her.

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Thirteen immortals with only six weeks left until the last two have found their Chosen or all of them will be sent back to Hell for eternity. Ishkur the God of Fire married a mortal woman four hundred years ago and had a daughter. While his wife was alive he was allowed to live as a human and aged like one but when she died he returned to his friends in the Blue Hills and because of the appearance of Charlie and Maity his blood line he is able to remain corporeal when in their presence. Unable to refuse Charlie anything he gives in to her insistence that they visit a historical village called Plimoth Plantation so that she can get an idea of what their lives were like in the 1600’s.

Ishkur can’t help but remember his life in Plymouth with his wife and daughter and his memories of that time and his lose of both wife and child are not happy. When little three year old Maity goes running into one of the buildings he runs after her and is convinced that the woman inside head-spoke with Maity telling her to stop and that it was hot. All in all the visit to the plantation was hard on Ishkur and on the advise of Marduk he returned at night by himself to try to come to terms with his feelings only what happened was something he could never have expected because the same woman that head-spoke to Maity appeared and so did he. The only reason he could become visible is if he had finally found his Chosen.

Keezheekoni (Koni) is a native american working at the plantation and when she sees Ishkur she runs. Koni has been running for five months from Loic, a man she was dating and who she overheard wanted to sell her to the highest bidder for illegal experimentation since he discovered that she could spirit walk, leaving her body and travelling outside it. Now she is convinced that Ishkur was sent by Loic but she has no chance of overpowering him so she decides to play along with him. He is convinced that she is totally on board with being a Chosen and she goes out of her way to flirt with him even though it isn’t hard because she feels drawn to him.

Koni convinces Ishkur that she needs time to get her things in order and to give her a few days which he gladly does believing she will be there when he returns, how wrong he was because once again she is on the run and once again Ishkur realizes how stupid he was believing everything she was saying to him. It takes some doing and a visit from Ninurta another God without a Chosen who finds her and convinces her that Ishkur and the rest of the Gods are not after her and at first not convinced of what he is saying it changes when in a matter of minutes all the Gods and Goddesses show up along with a very upset Ishkur who couldn’t believe she ran from him.

Koni is an amazing character who takes to everything going on around her with a huge smile on her face, she already feels that Ishkur and her belong together and she willingly accepts everything about being a Chosen. Koni is forty-eight years old and Ishkur has no idea if she is still capable of having children but when she turns down his advances because of her period he now knows children are a possibility. All the Goddesses are tough and their men in spite of their sizes and strength are no match for them. Koni proves to be tougher than most and she proves it on a roller-coaster ride when she decides that Ishkur should show her his glowing amulet, I’ll leave you to get the full story.

Everything is wonderful except that the Gods are determined to find out who Loic was going to sell Koni to and who he is selling illegal animals to and put and end to his reign of terror. But just when things seem perfect along comes Ridhwan back in Hell and wanting to get his hands on women who he can impregnate and fulfill a prophecy. Could Ishkur finally have found his Chosen only to have her fall into the hands of Ridhwan leaving two Gods without a Chosen instead of only one. Of Course I wouldn’t mind because then there would have to be more books in the series and I would definitely love that.

This is a series that I can’t recommend highly enough, suspense, sex and amazing characters my only problem is that I don’t want this series to end.

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