Review: The Final Season – Tom Early

The Final Season Book Cover The Final Season
Seasons Rising Book 3
Tom Early
LGBT YA Adventure Romance
Harmony Ink Press
June 11, 2019

Sequel to The Doorway God

Fay is no longer a boy haunted by the spirit of Winter—he is now the embodiment of the cruelest Season. If he thought access to the immense power that grants him would make his life easier, he couldn’t be more wrong.

The return of the Seasons is tearing Gaia—the magical realm that mirrors Earth—apart as factions form to either take advantage of the shift in power, fight against it, or use it to spur societal change. Terrifying enemies emerge to face Fay and the other Seasons, even as the Seasons plan their own battle strategy.

Fay, Sam, Tyler, and their friends and allies are facing a final test unlike any other. To survive the chaos unleashed on his world, Fay will have to choose what to hold on to and what can be sacrificed.

Reviewed by Melissa Brus

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This is the third and final book in the Seasons Rising series. It definitely needs to be read in order as it is a true trilogy. Fay has become Winter and is striving to do what he feels is right. Unfortunately, there are forces both outside and within his trusted group that want to use his abilities for their own purposes. The concepts in this story are interesting and there are moments of “on the edge of your seat” adventure playing out on the page. There are also moments where it feels like it could have been more. The resolution was well done and felt complete, leaving the reader satisfied and without any loose ends. The love story is very earnest and sweet. Overall, for fans of the series, this is a good way to say farewell to the characters we have all seen grow and learned to love.

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