Review: THREE LITTLE WORDS – Charlie Cochet

Three Little Words Book Cover Three Little Words
Charlie Cochet
M/M Contemporary romance
July, 11 2019

After months of unfounded rumors, world-renowned archaeologist Dr. Nicolaus Scofield finally has a solid lead on the location of the Artemis bracelet. There’s only one problem. The Temple of Artemis site is closed for a charity event.

If that’s not bad enough, rumor has it notorious thief and fencer of antiquities, Agon, is on his way to find the bracelet.

Thanks to Nico’s meddling assistant, Nico finds himself one step closer to the bracelet, but will his quest be derailed by the appearance of the beautiful and mysterious Aedan Armstrong?

One outcome is certain: it’ll be a night neither men will soon forget.

Please note that this short story was previously titled Athens and was published as part of the Heart2Heart Vol 2.0 charity anthology. No new content has been added.

Review By Xanthe

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

I am a huge fan of Charlie Cochet and her many stories. Three Little Words is a perfect addition to her collection of works.

Originally published in the charity anthology, Heart2Heart Volume 2, Three Little Words is based on the meeting of Nico and Aedan as both men are chasing a treasure in Greece but end up together on a date planned by the Heart2Heart dating app.

There’s an instant connection between the men and it’s easy to read the attraction and feelings that brew beneath the surface throughout the whole novella. Heat and an interesting plot line held my attention and we learn enough about the MC’s that I felt like we were getting to know them as they revealed themselves to each other. I love the archaeology aspect of the book, finding all of that really interesting with not many books that I know of being set around that area. Though there’s no real interaction with that area, there’s enough there to pique your interest about what is possibly buried at the Temple of Anubis. With a novel, I love when we have a community feel with several close characters but with a novella there’s not really time for others. Charlie does an amazing job in keeping the book long enough to have an engaging story but short enough to be a quick read where you don’t need to know a huge amount on every little thing.

I would absolutely recommend reading this novella. Lovable characters who are dedicated to their craft and have a huge surprise in store when it comes to spending time with each other.

Three Little Words is part of an anthology that was done by a group of authors for charity and this story by Charlie Cochet will be released as a free read on her site on July 16.

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