Review: The Sword – Alex Lukeman

The Sword Book Cover The Sword
The Project Book 19
Alex Lukeman
Military Adventure
June 16, 2019

No longer under the protection of the president, the Project has gone private as an exclusive consulting service available to select clients. A powerful Japanese industrialist hires Elizabeth Harker and the Project team to find a famous sword lost in the aftermath of WWII.
It looks like a straightforward assignment. Then people start dying, and Harker's team is pulled into a web of murder and deception that began centuries before in feudal Japan. Why is the sword important enough to kill for? What secret does it hold?
Forced to defend themselves against a fanatical enemy, Nick and Selena follow a trail of blood to Japan. There they find themselves in a mythic confrontation that can only end in one way – death.

The Sword will keep you reading into the night.

Review by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild

After finishing Book #18 The Black Templar, I dried my sweaty palms that always occurs when reading this series. I was saddened this was to be The Last Project Book. What was I going to do after 18 episodes over the years, counting on Elizabeth Harker and her gang to protect the American way? The author mentioned another direction soooo seeing this #19 excited me to see Alex Lukeman has found another Project story to tell.

Since President Rice is no longer in office, the new POTUS will not sanction The Project Team, Elizabeth Harker maintains the house and equipment and has set the team to be in a private hire. Ronnie is in Arizona learning from his father the ways of a Healer on his family’s reservation and Lamont is in Florida fishing.

When Elizabeth is approached by a Japanese business man looking for a sword given to the Americans in reparation when the war ended…Sending Nick to a nursing home to interview an American WWll vet starts to spiral….

We are on another roller coaster ride. This story is only dealing with the one country, Japan. The background and history was amazing, Mr. Lukeman is always wonderful at research. This was the pleasantest surprise I could have had!!! Thank you Alex….wanna make it 20?



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