REVIEW : Traded – Off the Field Duet Book #1- Kimberly Knight & Rachael Lyn Adams

Traded Book Cover Traded
Off the Field Duet Book #1
Kimberly Knight & Rachael Lyn Adams
Baseball Romance, Gay Romance , LGBTQ Fiction, Sports, Enemies to Lovers
Kimberly Knight
Mach 30, 2022

Aron Parker is one of the best players in professional baseball. Following in his father’s footsteps, his entire life revolves around the game. Opponents call him cocky, and they aren’t wrong, but no one knows the driving force behind his arrogance.

Until he has to play nice with his enemy.

Drew Rockland is the epitome of calm and collected on the mound. As a veteran player, he knows what it takes to pitch under pressure while keeping his emotions in check.

Until he faces Aron and loses his cool.

Aron’s showboating and Drew’s old-school ballplayer demeanor instantly puts them at odds, resulting in an all-out brawl on the field and a suspension. After the fight, all should have been forgotten, but an unexpected trade places them on the same team … and in the same apartment.

Off the field, there is no one to pull them apart ...

Reviewed by Gloria Lakritz

Review Chair for the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I Love Sports Books, Football and Hockey my grandsons have been involved in for years…..This is my first Baseball story! It’s strange I I have never read this trope, I as a child was in walking distance to Ebbets Field watching the Dodgers play in Brooklyn. The NY Giants and NY Yankees were always not far….. playing, Giants for the Pennant and Yankees of course for The Series ! So when I was offered Books 1 and 2 called a Duet to review I accepted and I was truly happily surprised.

This is an enemy to lovers story and a bit difficult to get into. Aaron Parker is one of the best players in the business. His father is a GOAT for the SF Giants and it is Aarons dream to play for them. Drew Rockland is a veteran pitcher and the two of them get ‘into it’ playing against each other on the field causing suspension and fines.

So when the duo get traded to a team needing help to win their pennant and maybe the series, fate steps in. They arrive to find their housing is not available yet and they have to bunk at the same place….Basically “The Fight” sparks them to see it for what it was, but the papers and the team have blown it all out of proportion. Drew has bigger issues to deal with, catching his girlfriend with another man and reeling from their breakup and then moving across the country.

The authors do well keeping the reader involved in the story, the games, and the slow decision that their first kiss was nice wanting more and the slow burn till they become involved with their hearts not just sex. Being a Duet book this ends in a cliffhanger….Book 2 Outed is available so no call foul from me…..

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