Review : White Mountain Shifters – A Fated Mates Collection – Lisa Carlisle

White Mountain Shifters- Book Cover White Mountain Shifters-
A Fated Mates and Forbidden Love Wolf Shifter Collection
Lisa Carlisle
Paranormal shifters and wolves, Fantasy romance witches and wizards
Self published
Dec 27, 2021

Mates were trouble. That’s why Damon must refuse his wolf.

Pack enforcer Damon is reluctant to find his mate after his father went mad losing his. When Damon meets Sophie, the attraction is overwhelming, but he must let her go.

And he regrets it.

Later, he detects Sophie’s scent while on patrol at his pack’s ski mountain. She may be in trouble. He must follow her.
But she’s stepped into another pack's forbidden territory.

If Damon crosses the boundary, he'll break the treaty with their rivals.

Mates weren’t just trouble, they could lead a shifter to spark a war…

If you like forbidden romance with drama, suspense, and danger, you’ll love this steamy shifter series.

Fated mates, enemies-to-lovers, billionaires, cozy cabins, and breathtaking scenery. Escape into the magic of the White Mountains in this hot new collection!

Review By S.C. Principale

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

The White Mountain Shifters series contains three delightful novels following three wolf shifters in the same pack. The reluctant-to-mate enforcer Damon, the beta, Grayson, and angry, longing alpha, Rafe. While shifter series, especially ones with fated mates sometimes seem overdone or played out, Lisa Carlisle’s stories are fresh and captivating with the perfect amount of sexual tension, plot movement, sympathetic characters, and a few steamy scenes per book!

In The Reluctant Wolf and His Fated Mate, Damon wants nothing to do with finding a forever love, especially not a truly fated mate. His father and mother were fated, and when his mother left, it drove his father mad. He dreads the irreversible bond and wants nothing to do with it. But, Rafe, the pack alpha is so desperate to find his true mate that he drags Damon and Grayson along to a club in the city, hundreds of miles from their mountain home. In a bustling club, Damon feels a pull on his inner wolf like he’s never known. But when he meets Sophie, his worst fears are confirmed. His fated mate does exist, she wants him, and she’s totally human. She won’t be able to live with him or share his life. Yep, fated mates were only the source of pain.

After a heated night, Damon leaves and returns home to the ski lodge the pack runs. Who is the female lost on the trail and hurt in the enemy pack’s territory? Sophie, of course. Fate wants them together, even if it will start a war. And while Sophie at first thinks Damon must be crazy, once she sees him transform, she begins to believe. Soon the pair fall in love and consummate their bond, but the rival pack demands Damon’s blood for his actions in rescuing Sophie. As Damon and Sophie escape to let negotiations between packs occur, the novel ends, and it’s time for Grayson’s story to start.

In The Wolf and His Forbidden Witch, Grayson, beta of the Franconian Pack, brings in a witch to act as mediator between warring packs. Aurora is a sweet, pretty witch, not a gorgeous wolf, like Victoria. Victoria is surely the right woman for him. She’s in his pack, she’s beautiful, and she wants him. Witches and wolves coexist, but they’re too different to fall in love and mate, right?

Wrong, says Fate. Grayson feels the tug toward Aurora, but he can’t pursue the mediator. It would surely look like the Franconians are trying to bias the witch in their favor. But love won’t be denied. Negotiations flounder, and war begins. Victoria, driven mad with jealousy, is the defector who betrays the Franconian Pack to their rivals, the Saccos. Even though Aurora and Damon survive and join as mates, there is still war on the horizon.

This leads to the final installment, The Alpha and His Enemy Wolf. Mila, of the Sacco Pack, is beautiful, bold, and fearless. She’s the daughter of an alpha. She ought to marry and mate with Lars, the Sacco beta and natural successor to her aging, rough father.

Rafe, who has so long hungered for true love, family, and a mate that Fate picks for him, can’t believe when he catches Mila on his land, intent on spying and sabotage. He can’t believe that both of them instantly feel the raw desire and the need to protect and love one another. This can’t be his mate— she’s the enemy! The only way to get the urges out of their system is to let their inner wolves fight it out.

Only every fight brings them closer together, physically and in the way they think. Mila can’t believe that a male alpha can show her respect, kindness, and listen to her ideas. It’s certainly something her father failed to do. When it comes time to return to her pack and betray Rafe and his pack, she can’t do it.

The series ends with a page-turning brawl and a beautiful unexpected surprise that will leave you smiling.

Carlisle delivers perfect pacing, all the right elements of both romance and action, and three leading ladies and three strong men that you can truly relate to. Despite the fantastical and paranormal elements, the desire to belong, the fear of getting hurt, and the questions of loyalty are universal. I would love for this series to continue!

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