Short Read- REVIEW: Like A Charm: A Romantic MM Holiday Short- Jordan Castillo Price

Like A Charm Book Cover Like A Charm
Jordan Castillo Price
MM Romance, LGBTQ Short Reads
JCP Books
Dec 17, 2023

Rowan does his best to blend in, but thanks to the ugly sweater from his grandmother, he’ll have a hard time sneaking away from the party unnoticed.

What’s worse…he’s starting to think it’s not only ridiculous, but enchanted.

It’s hardly a recipe for meeting the man of his dreams. But sometimes you find a kindred spirit when you least expect it.

Like a Charm is a quick holiday read featuring two painfully shy guys, a plethora of ugly sweaters, an obnoxious neighbor, a sassy grandma, and a hint of magic.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This was a very short story about two men one shy and quiet and the other who can’t stop talking about trees. Rowan is quiet and has never found “the one” but his grandmother who is an enchanter is determined to change that. Finn can’t keep a relationship going, his last attempt ended with being accused of being boring and sounding like an encyclopedia.

Rowan’s grandmother has crocheted him a special gift a sweater that is beyond ugly, but she has arranged for him to attend a LGBTQ+ Meet and greet hoping he will meet the “one” or at least win the worst ugly sweater contest. Rowan is convinced that his Gran put a love charm somewhere on the sweater, but he goes.

At the meet & greet Finn and Rowan see each other and the rest is history, the only magic is the kiss under the mistletoe that gran put in the pocket of the sweater. Short and sweet and proof that HEA’s can happen with just a brief meeting of two people meant for each other.

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