DUAL REVIEW : Meet Me In Maine -The Blue Harbor Series Book #1 – Susanne Leist

Meet Me In Maine Book Cover Meet Me In Maine
The Blue Harbor Series Book #1
Susanne Leist
Urban Fantasy
June 10, 2021

Elizabeth Reading and Scarlett Harding travel to Blue Harbor, Maine, hoping to find a bed-and-breakfast to buy and a peaceful town. What they discover instead is much more sinister.

When they visit the local ice cream parlor, a man rushes through the doorway, clutching his throat and dying in a pool of blood. Chief Lively and two men, David Hunt and Logan Rayne, interrogate Elizabeth and Scarlett. Elizabeth stares at the dashing, blue-eyed David, stunned she agreed to a date with him just hours ago.

Elizabeth wants to pack her bags and visit other harbor towns, but Scarlett insists on keeping their appointment. They fall in love with the quaint bed-and-breakfast and sign the papers a few days later.

Once they settle into the inn, strange incidents plague Blue Harbor. At Scarlett’s date with Jonathan Hale, the charming ice cream parlor owner, a woman’s head explodes at the next table. Then a suspicious explosion rocks the harbor, destroying boats and part of the dock. Their fears mount as an intruder breaks into the inn.

The curse placed by the Penobscot Indians on the original settlers and descendants of Blue Harbor has returned with a violent twist.

Have Elizabeth and Scarlett put their lives in danger by dating two of Blue Harbor’s descendants? Should they sell the inn or stay and fight the curse alongside David, Logan, and Jonathan?

Review by Sherry Perkins


I don’t want to live in a boring town. Blue Harbor offers a unique way of life.”—Meet Me in Maine

Unique would be an understatement in describing the way of life in Blue Harbor. Truth be told, when I began reading book one in the Blue Harbor Series, I thought it was a romance—right up until the time it got supernatural (and the book cover didn’t provide any clues).That was unexpected.

Leist tells a tale that reminds me of the 2010 SyFyHaven television series. Blue Harbor, while a picture post card village in Maine, is a place with dark secrets and a curse that has transcended cultures and centuries. Good! Because I like a cursed one tales, especially if they harken back to Native American lore.

Anyway, “Meet Me in Maine” starts with a break-up between main character Elizabeth and Martin. Martin’s a bit of a controlling ass, so good riddance. But you know that won’t last for long. Asses always show up again later in the story…

In the meantime, Elizabeth and best friend Scarlett, move from New York where Elizabeth had lived with Martin, to scenic, quaint Blue Harbor. Their grand plan is to start over by opening a bed and breakfast.

But first, there is the requisite instant attraction between Elizabeth and her new guy, David. David’s a hunk and a lawyer—with an air of mystery about him, and more than a professional connection to the local police department.

Instant attraction between main characters can be fun in a novel. It can speed the plot along or define character development and motivation. What felt a little off for me was the general suspension of disbelief occurring early on. A kind of throwing caution to the wind but in a cavalier way. Elizabeth and David would have ended up together, regardless. I just would have liked to see a bit more passion or appropriate dread, and for the dialog to be less stiff.

I’m interested though, to see what happens in the next book!

A three-and-a-half-star story about the far-reaching touch of evil once done, an unsuspecting heroine and the affected quaint villagers who were anything but quaint.


REVIEW BY Mx. Phoebe


This mystery by Susanne Leist moves fast. There are paranormal themes and a curse upon the town that apparently has just adjusted itself after hundreds of years.

There are a lot of characters to keep track of and they are all mysterious, prior military, and hot. Also Leist has most of them attracted to Elizabeth.

Leist moves everything fast. Scarlett has an insta-love with Jonathan the ice cream man. Whereas Elizabeth has a very strong connection with David and Logan. There are no real feelings or even romance involved. It just happens.

Leist provides more background on the men than on the main characters of Elizabeth and Scarlett. I didn’t feel any real connection to anyone which makes it hard to care whether they get murdered or not.

I understand the curse, but its targets don’t make sense to me. Then there is the idea that the heroes kill the victims of the curse in a brutal fashion too.

I would wait to Meet Me In Maine as it’s missing the meat of the story. I am not one for over-filling a story with details, but this story needs to be fleshed out more so you can connect with the characters.

A three-and-a-half-star story about the far-reaching touch of evil once done, an unsuspecting heroine and the affected quaint villagers who were anything but quaint.

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