HAPPY HALLOWEEN – REVIEW – Three Ghosts – Kevin Klehr

Happy Halloween- Three Ghosts Book Cover Happy Halloween- Three Ghosts
Kevin Klehr
Ghost Story, Fantasy Fiction, LGBTQ, Science Fiction
Oct 18, 2022

Every time a shooting star is scheduled, Arthur, Carol and Tim choose a house with the best vantage point to haunt, carefully making sure its residents are not home.

But this time Arthur recognises the decor. The furnishings belong to his ex-boyfriend, Alexander, a man he never got over. And judging by the happy snaps in the photo frames, Alexander lives with a new lover.

Just as the ghosts settle in to watch the celestial event, the occupants return home early.

Review by Ulysses Dietz

Member of The Paranormal Guild Review Team

In the tradition of Noel Coward’s play, Blithe Spirit, Kevin Klehr’s ghostly short story is both amusing and chilling.

Three ghosts, Arthur, Carol and Tim, meet at a suburban house with a view to enjoy a shooting star—a custom the friends have developed over time. It is an interesting take on ghosts and what they can do—since the lore about ghostly abilities varies widely and is easily adapted to an author’s own wishes.

As the ghosts explore the house—whose owners are absent, which is part of the custom, the house spirit, Sabrina, watches them. I really enjoyed the notion of a “ghostly culture” in which behaviors and customs are established. It is lighthearted, filled with the banter of people who know each other and have done this before.

The story starts to get strange (stranger?) when Tim sees something as the trio explores the house. The attention turns to Arthur—and then the house’s owners return unexpectedly, shifting the tone of the story gradually darker.

There is an intentional feel of a sitcom episode in this story, yet the shock at the center of the narrative keeps the tone dark, even at its slapstick silliest. Ghosts are not just the spirits of the dead: they’re people, too, with feelings and memories (at least while they’re still “here”).

As the plot unspools to its finale, it turns to a quietly poignant tone, which is surprisingly touching and heartfelt. The whole story is a delightful surprise, covering a wide range of emotion in a short time.


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