HOLIDAY- REVIEW: Saint of Shadows – Saint and Shadows Book #1- Jonesy Elise

Saint of the Shadows Book Cover Saint of the Shadows
Saint of Shadows Book #1
Jonesy Elise
Fantasy, Fantasy Romance, Suspense
Dec 5, 2023

When an ER nurse teams up with a masked vigilante, more than bedsheets twist and turn in this kinky and sexy tale of good versus evil.

During the overnight shift at the emergency room, a patient tells Nurse Marisol Novotny a guardian angel in black saved him, but she doesn’t believe it. Sure, there’s always been rumors of the Patron Saint, a superhero who watches over her city of Shadowhaven, but if her life surviving the city’s tough streets has taught her anything, it's that unsung heroes like her keep the city from the brink of destruction, not superheroes straight out of fiction.

That is, until she secretly aids a masked vigilante in treating his wound, and he, in turn, saves her life. Twice! Sweeping her off her feet, literally and figuratively, the masked man convinces Marisol he is the real deal. And the secret identity and rough play lure her to not only crave some rooftop ooh-la-la with her Patron Saint but also to experience something she hasn’t felt in a long time: hope.

Yet when a sinister new force known on the streets as the Bloodsucker hurts someone near and dear to Marisol, her fragile hope verges on breaking, especially when she discovers the truth behind the Patron Saint’s mask.

The redemptive power of love is put to the ultimate test as the city and the lives of its citizens hang in the balance. Marisol must follow her heart and save the day—all before her next shift.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Shadow Haven a place where you live on the right side or suffer on the wrong side. Marisol Novotny lived all her life on the wrong side where every day was a struggle, her brother in prison for murder, her mother and father working hard to make ends meet and Marisol broke free and is now an ER nurse at Varian Family & Research Hospital.

When one of her patients talks about being saved by a masked man in black who he calls the Patron Saint, Shadow Havens superhero she dismisses it, life has taught her that surviving is up to you and not an imaginary man in a mask and cape. Then she finds herself treating a man in black and mask who winds up saving her life and her skepticism about a superhero begins to change.

Marisol is convinced that the man who saved her life is police officer Tobias Quinlan, and she begins to have hero worship. Her best friend Annie is working on developing a drug that will increase people’s lives and cure illnesses, so she is invited to a fund-raising ball with Marisol as her date. The ball is being given by Vincent Varian Shadow Havens golden boy and owner of the hospital Marisol works in. When she meets him, she is not impressed but there is something about him that makes her think they met before.

Marisol will learn the true identity of the Patron Saint and he is the one that will eventually change her life. Shadow Haven has a superhero just in time for a new evil to make an appearance, The Bloodsucker whose name alone can foster fear. It is the Bloodsucker who will ignite her desire to kill when he kills someone close to her.

The Bloodsucker wants to rule and killing means nothing to him so the Patron Saint will have his hands full bringing justice and ending him. Marisol is determined to do her part, refusing to just sit back but since her discovery of who the Patron Saint is and her growing feelings for him and his for her, he tries to stop all her attempts at finding the Bloodsucker. It will take Marisol, the Patron Saint and Tobias to come up with a plan to find and put an end to chaos caused by an evil that seems impervious to harm or death.

Marisol dreams of a future with her superhero but his secrets, which are huge, could put a stop to that dream before it even begins. Secrets, surprises, sex, edge of your seat action and suspense. Since this is only book one there are more coming, and I can’t wait

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