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Sweet Elf Book Cover Sweet Elf
Omega Christmas Elves Book #5
MM Farmer
Holiday, Christmas Romance, Gay Fiction, Fantasy
Dec 22, 2023

A virgin omega waiting for his first heat might get everything he wants from Santa this Christmas…


I’ve really loved working as an elf at the Barrington Christmas Market this year, but what I’ve loved the most is getting to know Micah Lawson, who is the market’s Santa. Best of all, I think Micah likes me too. But will he still want me when he finds out I have a rare condition that means I haven’t had my first heat yet?

All I want is to be a papa, but no heat means no children…


I never would have imagined that playing Santa would be so satisfying or inspire me to build a career. I never would have thought my disappointed dad would ever be interested in what I do with my life either. But most of all, I never, ever would have guessed that I’d find exactly the omega I want to spend the rest of my life with in the form of adorable, sweet, clever Tucker Mandal.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

This is the first book I read in this series and although I am sure there is a lot, I missed it didn’t feel like it. This is Tucker Mandal and Micah Lawson’s story, an omega and an alpha.

Tucker is twenty-one a virgin and has not gotten his first heat yet. The doctor told him he has Tarka Syndrome which hopefully will correct itself in time but there is no guarantee he can have children. Tucker works at the Barrington Christmas Market helping customers find the perfect gift and helping kids find their way around. Tucker is also an elf helping Santa, aka Micah Lawson who he has been attracted to since he began working there.

Micah is an alpha who comes from money and helped make the market the success it is today. Unfortunately, the success comes with a huge problem, Mayor Keller. Keller wants the market to fail since Councilman Vincent is using the success to boost his campaign running against Keller in the next election.

Micah is anxious to put his money to good use and wants to start a charitable foundation aimed at helping children in orphanages and in foster care but once again Keller tries to put an end to his plans. Keller insists that the market is a place where omegas are abused by alphas hoping to discredit Vincent’s involvement in the market, all it takes is a little gossip and some doctored photos to prove his point but as in all politics hopefully people are smart enough to see through the BS.

Micah is very attracted to Tucker but is afraid to make a move, Tucker is in the same boat attracted but afraid. When Micah finally gets the courage to ask Tucker out it ends in disaster. Tucker runs away fearing disclosing the fact that he is a virgin and hasn’t had his first heat but is his fear worth the loss of someone he wants to be with.

A beautiful Christmas story, an omega and an alpha looking for a HEA but too afraid to grab the brass ring. I laughed when Santa asked one of the children from the orphanage if he was on the good list or nasty list and he replied nasty. He proved it when he pushed Keller into the pool, looked at Santa and said told you I was on the nasty list.

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