New Release REVIEW : The Story Generator – Mark All

The Story Generator Book Cover The Story Generator
Mark All
Dark Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Horror
March 24, 2023

When an antique device is donated to the Miskatoosa University Library, John Dixon believes it will solve his writer’s block. The machine generates plot developments for a novel—but its suggestions begin to come true, weaving a dark story of its own and piercing the veil between this world and a universe of horror.

John and his critique partner Gretchen must destroy the device—but it doesn’t want to die. It wants to finish its story.

Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

John Dixon works in Special Collections at Miskatoosa University Library in Georgia, a less than exciting job until a donated collection from Author Etienne Holmes comes in. This collection includes a device engraved with THE STORY GENERATOR. John is immediately drawn to the machine and hopes it will remove his writer’s block and get him to finally finish his book Whispering Ashes. Etienne was a popular author who John is sure was aided by this machine. Unfortunately, John has no idea that it also led to his death.

John risks his job when he decides to take the story generator home with him, a mistake that will draw him and his friends into a supernatural story the generator is writing. His critique group, Gretchen, Ariel and Grant all meet and discover that their new stories are all the same and somehow the generator has influenced all of them. Gretchen finds her dead grandmother’s pendant on her bed, but her grandmother was buried with it. She joins John in his pursuit to destroy the machine, a machine that has taken control and they want it back.

John is unaware of the fact that Dr. Warren Armitage, a professor at the university, is interested in the generator and manages to direct the machine to John. The machine needs an author and Armitage decided John would be the one. Before long lizards begin to surround everyone and bigger creatures appear. John and Gretchen know the only way to stop what is happening is to get rid of the machine, but others have tried, and all have failed. The machine wants its story told and nothing seems to be able to stop it or the horrors it creates.

John’s neighbor Demond becomes involved when the lizards invade their hallway. He does research and finds out the extent of damage the generator left in its wake and the death toll. No matter where John puts the machine it returns to his home. It is not easy to fight the supernatural, but John and his friends are determined to fight evil and hope that good wins.

The first chapter of this book was filled with suspense and set the stage for the rest of the book, which was just as suspenseful as chapter one. The characters were wonderful and their fight to destroy evil was commendable, because at the first sight of grotesque lizards coming after me, I would run not walk to another state lol.

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