RELEASE DAY – REVIEW – Never Prey – Bad Wolves Book #1- Harper A. Brooks & Brea Viragh

Never Prey Book Cover Never Prey
Bad Wolves Book #1
Harper A. Brooks & Brea Viragh
Fated Mates, Werewolves/Shifters, Witches/Wizards, Romantic Fantasy
April 13, 2023

Little Red Riding Hood had a big, bad wolf… I have four.

I didn’t even know werewolves existed. Or that the story my parents used to tell me about a mythical Moon Goddess was real.

But it’s true—all of it—and that means, the part about her gifting me with only twenty-five years of life is too.

With my final birthday looming, I'm on a mission to save myself, but that mission ends up throwing me in the middle of two warring werewolf packs.

Now, the rival alphas and their two betas have me in their sights.

Torin, Noble, Mathis, and Dax are sexier than sin, but they're hunters, killers, some of the most powerful men in the shifter and human world…

And they want a taste of me.

They’re in for a surprise: I might not be a wolf like them, but I’m never prey.

Bestselling authors Harper A. Brooks and Brea Viragh have created a world of magic, heat, and bloodthirsty wolves. In this paranormal romance series, the heroine will end up with more than one love interest.

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Never Prey is book one in the Bad Wolves Series.


Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Renee (Ren) Wexler was stillborn, so her parents took her to the temple of the Moon Goddess who granted Ren life. Unfortunately, Ren was given twenty-five years until she returned the Goddess’ Moonstone, or she would die, and her twenty-fifth birthday is just around the corner.

Ren worked in a rundown bar and lived in the apartment upstairs when three young men began to accost her verbally and physically. Ren is used to this type of treatment and didn’t let the men get away with it until one of them mentioned the fact that they had a Moonstone back at their home and getting it was all she could think about. The appearance of a tall handsome man advising the three men to leave got Ren’s juices flowing and she needed to find where this man lived.

That night would change Ren’s life forever, but she had to find the Moonstone and hopefully she would have a life. Another man, Torin Steel made an appearance and took charge of Ren making her accompany him to the territory of Mathis’ pack, surprise, surprise yes Ren there are werewolves. Torin is the Alpha of the Steel Claw wolf pack and Mathis the Alpha of the Grey Valley wolf pack and Torin wants revenge for the three Grey Valley wolves who entered his territory. He got his revenge and Ren did not gain her freedom.

Four wolves enter Ren’s life, Torin, Mathis, and their betas Dax and Noble and all four want Ren and she tries to fight her desire for each of them. Robbing the Moonstone from Mathis leads Ren on the run and her plea that she is dying falls on deaf ears. Ren’s chances of getting to the Goddesses shrine with the Moonstone are becoming impossible with two alphas and their betas always one step ahead of her. Four wolves and one human girl there is no question who will come out the winner in this scenario.

Each time one of the wolves get their hands on Ren they have only one desire to throw her down and have sex with her, and surprisingly Ren wants the same thing. There is an uncontrollable connection between the wolves and Ren, and no one understands it since she is human, but it exists and is not something they can control.

Ren needs the Moonstone, or she dies but there is a wall of wolves standing in the way of her succeeding. Making matters worse is the animosity between the two packs and another enemy waiting in the wings. Years of knowing when she will die and finally locating the one thing that can save her it appears that her twenty-fifth birthday will be her last.

Hot sex, secrets, and edge of the seat suspense. Ren is an amazing character. No matter what situation she finds herself in she doesn’t go out without a fight. Fear is something she keeps hidden while she fights off the wolves that want to control her. Unfortunately, the book ends in a cliffhanger so I will have to wait to find out what happens next, does Ren live or die, why are the wolves so drawn to her and who is the new enemy out to destroy everyone.

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