REVIEW: Blood Sugar – Kat Turner

Blood Sugar Book Cover Blood Sugar
Coven Daughters, Book 2
Kat Turner
Paranormal Psychic Romance, Witches/Wizards, Shifters
City Owl Press
August 24, 2021

Eve Conley-Adyemi, a clairsentient mortician being stalked by an angry spirit, is no stranger to supernatural drama. But when a vampire rock star shows up on her front porch begging her to end his undead existence, she gives him a hard pass. Besides, her death magic doesn't work that way.

Soon, the sensitive rocker named Jonnie Tollens wins Eve's interest, and they team up to defeat her poltergeist and cure his vampirism. Their quest leads them to a supernatural expat community in Peru who might have solutions, unlocking dark, potent facets of her powers along the way.

As they fall for each other, they lose control of the exact forces they need to harness. Worse, a marathon research session uncovers terrifying facts on who is really pulling the magical strings.

Can Eve and Jonnie fix their broken lives together before a rising tide of dark magic engulfs them both?

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Reviewed by Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

I did not read book one in this series and it had no adverse effect on my enjoyment of this one but if you have the choice I would definitely begin with the start of this series.

Eve Conley-Adyemi is a clairsentient mortician helping the deceased with any unresolved issues and helping them pass on. She doesn’t hate her gift and welcomes her ability to help those souls that need her but it does make having a relationship a definite no-win situation, after all what man wants to be with a woman who sees ghosts and it was a lesson, she learned the hard way. In all her time helping the departed she had one failure, a failure that is suddenly haunting her in the form of a rotting, albino squirrel yelling that the witch has to die.

Jonnie Tollens is a rock star who made the mistake of thinking that a promise of eternal youth would be

the answer to all his problems but he never took into consideration the side effects, side effects that turned him into a vampire. It has been twenty-years since he went through the procedure and he is still learning what he is capable of. His secret and the constant need to have his blood removed and replaced has finally brought him to the decision that death is the answer where once youth was. He is well aware of Eve’s gift of helping the dead move on and now he hopes she will be able to help him, the undead move on.

When Eve finds Jonnie standing on her porch begging for help, she knows that she can’t turn her back on him, she will not allow herself to suffer another failure. The journey for answers to Jonnie’s vampirism gives Eve hope that her failure with a girl named Lacey can also be rectified. While looking for answers discovering who is behind these experiments Eve and Jonnie find themselves getting close both of them troubled and finding comfort with each other.

The book has its share of horrific creatures both human and non-human, secrets, betrayals and surprises and sex. I did find the book slow moving at times and very descriptive which left me confused and lost but overall, it was a wonderful book and a new approach to vampires.

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