REVIEW: Soulless (Sons of Lucifer Book 1) – N.L. Hoffmann

Soulless Book Cover Soulless
Sons of Lucifer
N.L. Hoffmann
Paranormal Romance/Devils and Demons/Witches and Wizards/
Independently Published
February 17, 2021

Death, romance and Lucifer... crap.

Eva hasn’t worked for Hell in years until Lucifer decides to force her into doing his dirty work yet again. A babysitting job no less to help his seriously hot son, Damon, recapture a mysterious puzzle box that allows the worlds to merge. If they don’t find the box, hunters will possess it and release demons to roam around wreaking havoc. But it all goes wrong when she ends up stuck trying to save Damon from hunters who want him dead. Never mind that she’s developing feelings for the guy because keeping number one out of danger seems like the best way to come out of their situation alive.

Waking up surrounded by dead bodies, Damon knows it's the first sign his life is going to hell. That's before discovering that Lucifer is his father. Things seem grim until he lays eyes on the exquisite Eva who claims his life is in danger.

Damon and Eva have the means to stop the hunters, but can they get there in time? Most of all, will they be prepared to handle the threat that will be unleashed? Will their new bond help them fight the most dangerous enemy of all or will their distraction of heated exchanges be their undoing?

If you enjoy reading Darynda Jones and K.F. Breene, then you'll love this too!

Reviewed By S.C. Principale

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Soulless by N.L. Hoffman is the first in the Sons of Lucifer series. She dropkicks you headlong into an action-packed world you never knew existed. Sexy retired witch/bounty hunter Eva gets a call from her old boss— who just happens to be Lucifer, as in the devil himself. He’s one handsome, charming guy that you don’t want to screw with, although he’s apparently done quite a bit of that himself, producing a host of smoking hot offspring. Damon, an FBI agent living a normal life happens to be one of those sons, and his life is about to get a lot more paranormal.

Eva wants nothing to do with the assignment to protect her old boss’s kid. For one thing, she’s got a grudge against Lucifer for letting her last lover die and for another, she’s afraid of the instant interest she feels for Damon. Sparks fly (literally and figuratively) when Damon comes into his powers as a Reaper and also finds out he’s the King of Purgatory. He doesn’t know how he’s going to navigate this new world or the sultry bodyguard he’s suddenly saddled with. As their attraction grows, sparks start to fly, literally and figuratively. Damon turns out to be one brutal ruler, taking to his powers easily, and that turns Eva on more than ever. She’s ready to let go of old dreams and be with the man who has a soft side for her and a commanding side for a world in chaos.

Hoffman’s world-building is compelling and incredibly well-developed. You’ll be immersed and hooked, thinking that you have a handle on what’s going on, before a thrillride twist. Eva and Damon are only one line of defense in an upcoming supernatural war between the “Saints” and Lilith, whose evil nature makes Lucifier seem mild in comparison. Throw in that lost lover (with some seriously questionable loyalties) from Eva’s past and some blisteringly hot scenes and you won’t be able to stop once you start— so it’s a good thing there are more books to come in this series. I personally can’t wait to find out what happens next (and to see if all of Lucifer’s sons are as sexy as this one!)


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