REVIEW: Himagus: A Dark Fantasy from Himagusian Chronicles (Himagusians Book 1) – Kerat Jhaj

Himagus: A Dark Fantasy from Himagusian Chronicles Book Cover Himagus: A Dark Fantasy from Himagusian Chronicles
Himagusians Book 1
Kerat Jhaj
Fairy Tale Fantasy/mythology and folk tales
Independently Published
July 13, 2020

Kylie Lauder survived the invasion of earth by the Himagusians. But her family did not. As she struggles to survive, she meets others who are willing to avenge the death of the human race. Torn between myth and reality, Kylie embarks on an adventure that forces her to choose between sacrifice and her happily ever after.
Trigger warnings-
Graphic violence

Reviewed By Sherry Perkins

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Author Kerat Jhaj is brimming with youthful exuberance. It’s quite apparent in her writing but especially on her YouTube channel, where she is not only a book tuber but an engaging personality with stories to tell.


Jhaj wrote “Himagus” while she was a junior in high school. “Himagus” is a novella, a short read, jam-packed with young adult drama, fantasy and world-destroying aliens. There is, of course, a plucky heroine.


Her name is Kylie. Unexpectedly and without explanation, she is thrust into an apocalyptic nightmare. Everyone she knew and loved is dead, leaving Kylie as the lone Earth survivor. Searching for answers, she is kidnapped by an alien prince, William, and his brother, David. Fortunately, both princes are infatuated with her or perhaps her uniqueness.


They are unique as well—able to time-travel, under certain circumstances. Because of this ability, they offer Kylie the opportunity to jump backward in time to save Earth. But to prevent planetary destruction, she will have to enter a dream-state and discover what events have transpired to bring them together on their fateful journey. Along the way, Kylie discovers more than she imagined possible about an alien race with frequent disregard for women and children; a world of magic, transformative beings, court intrigue and sometimes, a place where love still has a place.


The narrative is descriptive and imaginative although a bit disorganized, perhaps naïve. Disorganization, however, plays a key role in the plot, leading me to believe the author has made an intentional choice about tone and style. To tell you more otherwise, would be to spoil the surprise ending. And the book cover is creative too!


“A four-star review for a chaotic tale about making sacrifices for those we love and its cost.”

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