Review: The Business of Love – Kerri Keberly

The Business of Love Book Cover The Business of Love
Eros & Co. Series Book 1
Kerri Keberly
Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, Mythology
January 3, 2019

What happens when the time-challenged god of love has six months to turn mortal enemies into lovers? Things. Get. Real.

Liz Johnson hates love—until she locks eyes with the hot new marketing guy and her theory crumbles. Terrified his charm will break through what’s left of her self-imposed walls of solitude, Liz wastes no time hauling out the bricks and mortar to rebuild the fortress surrounding her carefully guarded heart.

Leo Simmons is irresistible . . . or so he thought. When his new co-worker refuses to give him the time of day, he decides to melt her icy glares just to prove he can. But despite her tattoos, ill temper, and the possibility she may be a cyborg, his strategy to get her into bed becomes a sole venture to make her smile.

Little do they know their boss is actually, Eros, the god of love, posing as a mortal and using every matchmaking trick in the book to turn enemies into lovers. On top of an already impossible deadline, he must hit his mark before Liz’s fast approaching 25th birthday. Fail, and she dies, taking his immortality with her.

The Business of Love is a Paranormal Romantic Comedy that sparkles with the wonder of first impressions, the magic of second chances, and the power of true love.

Review by Sylvia A. Reddom

Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Quick survey: Do you believe in LOVE for all, and that it can cross all fences? Do you further believe in mythical Greek gods and goddesses with a capacity to live and work among mere mortals?

Do you truly think that LOVE can always be found for everyone? What do you think of it being run as a Business Case, i.e, simply connecting “files” of people , on a tight schedule and using unworldly levels of force and make it last forever?

Well if you answered YES to all those questions, this is the romantic paranormal book for you for 2019. The book’s wording is an easy read, with lots of conversations between Greek gods, goddesses and sub gods and some of the humans they know.

The story will grab your attention if you can handle the Business Case scenario as believable. Throw in a dose of office politics and you get the gist of this romp.

You get to meet 24 year old Liz Johnson and office playboy (or so he sees himself) Leo Simmons. They are completely unaware that they work for EROS, and that CUPID has been assigned them as his job security project. Either he gets those two together before Liz turns 25 in 6 months, or his job will change abruptly.

You will have to pay attention while reading as there are a couple of sub plots going on between the gods and goddesses as they cross paths with the humans with their own issues. At times they are all trying to interact, mostly without anyone truly revealing themselves. Then Love works its way into the mix.

Note: It might have been wise to have a short synopsis of the Greek gods and goddesses names and their powers to review. But, by all means jump into this light hearted look at love. You might want to reread it a couple times. Who knows, you might even be able to put it to use in real life sans the Greek gods and goddesses—unless, of course, you already personally know a couple of them!

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