Review: The Legend of Crying Girl Creek – Robena Grant

The Legend of Crying Girl Creek Book Cover The Legend of Crying Girl Creek
Robena Grant
Paranormal Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
February 13, 2019

Adventurous American nurse Samantha Winters is on a study abroad program in Australia. But after one perfect night with a handsome stranger, she finds herself with child. Intrigued with an elderly patient's tales of a local creek where pregnant women drown themselves, Sam agrees to help end the curse.

Historian James Campbell keeps a vigilant watch on his family's haunted land, hoping to prevent more deaths. A loner in his personal life, he's stunned to discover his grandmother's nurse is the one woman he can't forget.

Sam is a believer. James is a skeptic. With the legend's anniversary looming closer, the two work together to solve the mystery of Crying Girl Creek. Amid the tangles of secrets and lies Sam has a secret of her own: James is the father of her baby. And he doesn't want children..

Reviewed by: Linda Tonis

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

Samantha Winters is an American nurse who is studying in Australia at a geriatric nursing home. She becomes attached to one of her patients, Netta Byrne and learns about the legend of crying girl creek. Sam becomes obsessed with the story and wants to find out more about it and Netta whose family owns the creek and land has a story to tell but only does it a little at a time.

Sam had a one night stand and it led to her pregnancy but now she wants to learn about the legend and to do that she goes to visit her mother’s friend who now lives in Australia with her husband Bryce. While there another guest arrives and it is none other than James Campbell the father of her child. Bryce is James’ cousin and is a professor of history but it doesn’t seem like she is going to get any answers while James is there.

The anniversary of the legend is coming up and James is determined to put an end to the curse. Now Sam and James are growing closer, he discovers Sam is his grandmother’s nurse and refuses to answer any questions about the legend except to her. Sam admits to being pregnant but does not tell James he is the father. Both of them are keeping secrets, her pregnancy and who the father is and his secret about his family and their involvement with the legend.

Women have died at the creek and the Town Council has forbidden entry to the creek and to the property. James owns the property and creek and wants to live there but the curse has to be ended and he is hopeful this time he can do what is necessary. Unfortunately the only one who knows how to end the curse is not talking.

I enjoyed this book and the characters in it my only criticism is that some things just happened very fast and I would have liked it to play out a little slower especially the relationship between Sam and James but when all is said and done the book was well worth reading and I recommend it.

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