REVIEW: Wraiths Adore Gods- Monsters in Love Book #2- Toshi Drake

Wraiths Adore Gods Book Cover Wraiths Adore Gods
Monsters in Love Book #2
Toshi Drake
Fantasy, Gay Romance, LGBTQ Fiction
Vellum Publishers
Dec 12, 2022

Review By: Phyllis Alexander
Member of the Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

Book two is a solid addition to the trilogy. It provides the explanations and action lacking in the first book.

In the Wraiths Adore Gods we find out about the world the Author created. We learn who the characters are and what they’re about. For instant MushMush (Mushbaby) goes through several changes in the book. The changes may not be what we like, but you see what the Author has in mind later.

You won’t be disappointed. We learn what Hastur (King in Yellow/Elder Demon)plans.

I like the main character Adam and Trey. The book opens with Adam (like Isaac) afraid and unsure of his gifts. Again, like Isaac he doesn’t share dark dreams and fears with his partner. This in turn keeps Trey from sharing his problems. I would like to see more strength between the couples. The love scenes are heated and more active. Always a plus for me.

As the book progresses Adam develops confidence in his skills and abilities. He is able to stave off Hastur and disaster. We are left with enough interest and questions to look forward to the next book.

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