REVIEW : Finding Tiegan – Hanna Park

Finding Tiegan Book Cover Finding Tiegan
Hanna Park
Paranormal Romance, Ghosts, Erotic
Wild Rose Press
August 23, 2021

A holiday in the Algarve of It's what I need. It's time to be me. Time to find the woman I was before the nightmares, outlandish dreams, and sleepwalking. But I wasn't expecting to find Tomás Ferreira, a man made for pleasure. And now, my heart throbs with unfulfilled excitement, fire burns in my belly, and swirling flames lick my thighs. I'm a glorious mess.

Where did Tiegan Moss come from? And why is she suddenly here on the day of the dead, the day the door to the otherworld swings open, the day the veil is thin? I'd hidden in the shadows, content, a life barely lived. You've changed everything. You make me want. You make my blood sing. Lost in your kaleidoscope eyes, trapped in the pout of your lips, I can't escape. And I don't like it one bit.

Can our two haunted souls find a future together?

Review By Aethena Drake

Member of the Paranormal Romance Review Team

This book was hard to put down because each chapter added a new thread of intrigue to the story which is told from the perspective of Tiegan, a recently widowed woman from Canada. Hoping to find the person she once was before her nightmares began, Tiegan takes a vacation to visit a close friend living in Portugal .

The beauty of the region’s coastal waters and rocky cliffs are artfully portrayed as Tiegan shares her experiences with the reader. The plot follows Tiegan’s meandering adventures in Portugal where she makes a connection with a man she finds hard to resist. The attraction between Tomás and Tiegan results in more than a few steamy scenes. Much of Tiegan’s motivation for action is based on her in intense physical desire for Tomás. This desire inspires a personal connection that may prove to be dangerous for both of them.

The story is filled with mysticism, hints of the supernatural, and elements of folklore from both Tiegan’s and Tomás’ heritage. Some of those elements are important to the plot and move the story along, but several of those elements do not further the resolution of the story. However, the tidbits of Tomás and Tiegan’s past and their heritage do add some intriguing information for the reader to ponder. The ending of this book is satisfying, but some of the unresolved threads of intrigue may leave the reader questioning if the story is truly resolved.

I recommend this book if you are looking for a lust fueled romance filled, gorgeous scenery, a dash of mysticism, and a plot that wanders dreadfully close to a cliff’s edge.



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