REVIEW: After I Burn (Immortal Billionaires Book #4) – Melissa Sercia

Title: After I Burn Series: Immortal Billionaire Book #4 Author: Melissa Sercia Genre: Vampire Suspense, Gothic Romance, Paranormal Romance Publisher: Melissa Sercia Release Date: Oct. 5, 2021 Format: Mobi Pages: 209 Source: Amazon Brooklyn Vengeance. Destruction. Deceit. Fortune telling pays the bills. It also allows me access to the most exclusive circles in New York … Read more

REVIEW : Of Fire And Bone – Of Magic and Scales #3 – Natalina Reis

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REVEW : The Silver Bird – S.J. Williams

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REVIEW : Late For Christmas – Amy Lane

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Release Day REVIEW : A Doctor’s Heart – Andrew Grey

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REVIEW : A Winter’s Wish – Lisa Kessler

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REVIEW : Opal – Brides of the Oregon Trail

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REVIEW : Youngest – Jamie Lee Moyer

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REVIEW : Murder Before Christmas – Michele Pariza Wacek

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REVIEW : Drive – Courtney Maguire

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