REVIEW : Bitten By Betrayal- Bitten Book #3- Lizzy Gayle

Title: Bitten By Betrayal Series: Bitten Book #3 Author: Lizzy Gayle Genre: Psychic Romance, Paranormal Romance, Vampire Romance Publisher: Independent Release Date: October 26, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 200 Source: Amazon Dr. Charlotte Devaux’s former lab assistant turned vampire has been accused of murder and while waiting impatiently for access to the crime scene, Char’s … Read more

Author Interview and Testimonial with Charlayne Denney

Title: Lilly's Angel, Heavenly Fangs Series: Fangs & Halos Series, Book 1 Author: Charlayne Denney Genre: Vampires, Angels, Paranormal Romance Release Date: August 10, 2013 Format: Kindle Pages: 342 pages 1900—Storyville, New Orleans: In Mahogany Hall, the famous brothel on Basin Street, Lilly Marchantel goes to bed with a client and is later found dead. … Read more

REVIEW: Oathsworn – CharmD Saga- Sebastian Black

Title: Oathsworn Series: CharmD Saga Author: Sebastian Black Genre: Magic Romance, Psychic Romance, Paranormal Romance Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Release Date: Aug 10, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 202 Source: Amazon Former chef Jasper Wight has been magically ensnared in his apartment for over three months. Cabin fever doesn’t begin to cover it. All he can do to pass … Read more

RELEASE DAY – REVIEW: Novella- Bitten by the Bond – Surviving Vihaan Book #2.5- Elaine White

Title: Novella-Bitten by the Bond Series: Surviving Vihaan Bk 2.5 Author: Elaine White Genre: Paranormal , Gay Romance, Werewolves & Shifters- Short Reads Publisher: Nine Star Press Release Date: Nov 14,, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 83 Source: Amazon Travelling to Dnara to find the exiled Vihaans sounded like a great idea. Except…Dnara is nothing like … Read more

REVIEW : Inferno – Coven Daughters Book 5- Kat Turner

Title: Inferno Series: Coven Daughters Book 5 Author: Kat Turner Genre: Rockstar Romance, Witches, Paranormal Romance Publisher: City Owl Press Release Date: Oct 10, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 325 Source: Amazon Fire witch, Megan O’Neil, can’t outrun the Coven Daughters prophecy, but she’s sure going to try. When she reunites with rock star Thom James—the … Read more

REVIEW: Raised by Wolves -Surviving Vihaan Book #2- Elaine White

Title: Raised by Wolves Series: Surviving Vihaan Book #2 Author: Elaine White Genre: Gay Romance, Paranormal Romance Werewolf/Shifters Publisher: Nine Star Press Release Date: May 16, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 491 Source: Amazon Bad news always comes in threes. As do the hits that knock Keon’s perfectly laid plans into chaos. His no-good brother conducted … Read more

REVIEW: The Experiment: The See-Ers Series Book 4- Joanne Giacomini

Title: The Experiment Series: The See-Ers Series Book #4 Author: Joanne Giacomini Genre: Paranormal Fantasy, Paranormal Thriller, Paranormal Mystery Publisher: Independent Release Date: June 18, 2023 Format: Kinde Pages: 264 Source: Amazon Jeff and Matt are in hiding and looking for the secret headquarters where Daryl has hidden his team after closing up their other … Read more

REVIEW: Touch of Danger- Surviving Vihaan Book #1 – Elaine White

Title: Touch of Danger Series: Surviving Vihaan Book #1 Author: Elaine White Genre: Gay Romance Werewolf & Shifter, Paranormal Romance Publisher: Nine Star Press Release Date: Feb 10, 2020 Format: Kindle Pages: 257 Source: Amazon Drew’s life sucks. Saving money to escape his homophobic family is one thing, but his only paying gig at the … Read more

RELEASE DAY – REVIEW: Angel Unleashed:-Blood Knight Chronicles # 5- Linda Thomas- Sundstrom

Title: Angel Unleashed Series: Blood Knight Chronicles # 5 Author: Linda Thomas- Sundstrom Genre: Paranormal Angel Romance, Paranormal Vampire Romance, Paranormal Romance Publisher: GothicScapes Publishing Release Date: Sept 15, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 291 Source: Amazon A fine line between vengeance and desire… A damaged angel and an immortal Blood Knight. The heavens would shudder … Read more

RELEASE DAY- REVIEW: Haunted Hearts- Monster Brides Romance- S.C. Principale

Title: Haunted Hearts Series: A Monster Brides Romance Author: S.C.Principale Genre: Ghost Romance, Paranormal Ghost Romance, Fantasy Romance, Release day Publisher: Independent Release Date: Sept 15, 2023 Format: Kindle Pages: 333 Source: Amazon Take one grumpy millionaire determined to shut himself away from the rest of the world. Add one lonely ghost who’s thrilled to … Read more